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DREAM.2 Middleweight Grand Prix Preview; TBS Deal Not Lost

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DREAM.2 is hours away from getting underway in Japan. The event is scheduled to start at 4PM JST, which converts to 2AM EST. The event will be broadcasted on PPV in Japan and on tape delay on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) and HDNet in North America. For you lucky ones that actually have it, the event will air Saturday night, May 3rd on HDNet. A replay of DREAM.1 will air Friday night, May 2, on HDNet. For the unfortunate ones, myself included, with shitty cable companies that don’t carry HDNet and the impatient (I fall into this category as well), the fights will most likely be popping all over the internet after the event. Here’s the preview:

Update On DREAM television deal with TBS

Fight Entertainment Group (FEG)—the people behind DREAM & K-1—have informed Sherdog that they were not pulled from TBS as originally reported. It appears the plan for DREAM.2 to air on tape delay & PPV instead of primetime was the original intention.

Mike Kogan, FEG’s USA representative told Sherdog:

“FEG elected to have TBS broadcast three Dream events in primetime, and four [events] with a delayed TBS broadcast in the evening, while putting these four events live on PPV through SkyPerfect TV. As such Dream 1 was on TBS in primetime, as well as the lightweight and middleweight GP finals will be in primetime, while the other four events will be live on PPV and delayed evening broadcast on TBS. This was worked out with TBS at the beginning of the year, and the schedule was already set.”

“…any reports alleging that Dream has lost its primetime slot on TBS are false and inaccurate.”

At one point this week, we all thought DREAM didn’t have a TV deal. Now they have two.

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