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Affliction’s Edwin Dewees & EliteXC HW Champ Antonio Silva Test Positive For Performance Enhancing Drugs (Update)

Edwin Dewees
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The suspense is over. The latest drug test results from the CSAC are in, and two fighters who competed in California in July have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Affliction’s Edwin Dewees tested positive for Nandrolone, a common anabolic steroid, and EliteXC Heavyweight Champion tested positive for Boldenone, which was created for veterinary use, although it has been used among athletes in recent years.

The CSAC’s Bill Douglas on Dewees.

Edwin Dewees, who last competed on the Roy Englebrecht Promotions event sponsored by Affliction on July 19 in Anaheim, has tested positive for Nandrolone. His test level was finalized at 499 ng/mL. Independent tests were conducted by Quest Diagnostics for the “A” Sample and Laboratoire De Controle Du Dopage for the “B” Sample. He has been suspended for one year retroactive to the conclusion of the bout and fined $2,500.

Just to put into perspective of how much Nandrolone Dewees tested positive for, Sean Sherk had 12 ng/ml of Nandrolone in his system, and Royce Gracie had 50 ng/ml in his. Gracie’s level was considered to be extremely high. According to Gracie’s release, an athlete that just completed rigorous exercise could have a natural level of 6ng/ml with the average person having 2ng/ml. Dewees had over 83 times the natural amount an athlete would have. I don’t know much about steroids, but that just seems insane and highly dangerous. Not to mention, it didn’t do Dewees a lick of good in his fight against Nogueira.

With the exception of a previously announced positive drug of abuse test for Justin Levens, all other Affliction fighters were cleared.

Douglas on Silva.

Antonio Silva
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“Reigning Elite XC World Heavyweight Champion Antonio Silva Jr., who last competed on July 26 in Stockton, has tested positive for Boldenone. Independent tests were conducted by Quest Diagnostics for the ‘A’ Sample and Laboratoire De Controle Du Dopage for the ‘B’ Sample. He has been suspended for one year retroactive to the conclusion of the bout and fined $2,500.”

The bad news for EliteXC and ProElite just keeps on coming. Come to think of it, maybe not. Their star, Kimbo Slice, may actually have a semi-realistic chance at the title now.

Both fighters will have the opportunity to appeal their case to the commission.

[UPDATE 8/21/08 3:57PM ET] – Antonio Silva and his manager, Alex Davis, have issued statements on Silva’s positive test via


“Dear Family, Friends, Fans and Public, I did not use the steroid Boldenone, or any other steroid of prohibited substance. I don’t agree and never have agreed with the use of this kind of product in order to win, for this is cheating. I will go to the full extent of my power and the law to prove my innocence in this matter.”


“My friends, Antonio is one of the hardest working, most serious athletes I know. He also is a man that holds high his principles. We dont know at this point how he tested positive for a horse steroid, but what we do know is that he doesn’t make use of these kind of products. However, we will find out or die trying. We are always reading about guys getting caught and declaring (their) innocence, and it is always met with a degree of skepticism, but the (truth) is that career hurting mistakes are being made and it is high time the we find out how and why they happen. We are extremely sure of ourselves in this matter and are willing to go to the very gates of hell to prove that we are being wronged. Hopefully, this will not only clear Antonio, but also help clear other peolple that have had the same thing happen to them.”

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