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Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva & Rampage Jackson Starring In ‘Death Warrior’

Death WarriorIt looks like Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva are the latest mixed martial artists to land their first acting gigs. Apparently, GSP just finished up filming scenes in Hollywood for a new movie titled “Death Warrior.” GSP, Silva, and Rampage will be playing characters named “Crusher,” “Fuego,” and “Wolf.”

Stop laughing! You haven’t even heard the plot yet.

Death Warrior is currently in production and GSP just went down to California to shoot some scenes. The movie is written and directed by Hector Echavarria. The plot of Death Warrior is a tale of five of the best mixed martial arts champions from around the world who are forced to play a deadly game – a game to the death.

Yeah. Ground-breaking.

Now, before you run off to go camp out at your local Wal-Mart’s $5 value bin, you should know that Hollywood vet Nick Nolte is starring in the lead role, so you may want to at least keep an eye on the $10 movie rack.

In all seriousness though, GSP seemed to enjoy his newest experience. He wrote about it in his latest blog entry.

Later I went in Hollywood, CA to shoot a movie, which was pretty cool. I didn’t realize how much work filming a scene was – it took me an entire day to film four scenes. The director of the movie, Hector Echavarria, has been a great mentor and a huge help for me because it was the first time that I was doing something like this. He explained to me that acting was like fighting you need to focus on your role and what you need to do and forget about everything else around you being “in the zone”. Even though I believe I’m a way better fighter than I am as an actor, I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to do it again.

During the filming of the movie I shot a scene where I’m fighting again Fabiano Iha, a former UFC veteran. It was not his first experience on the filming of a movie, so both he and Hector showed me how to throw a punch and a kick for the camera. It is totally different than what you learn at a dojo. If I would use the same technique in a fight, I would never be world champion it would telegraph too much. But in front of the camera, it looks great.

I know Randy Couture hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire in Hollywood, but one of his movies did make it into theaters and actually got a few favorable reviews. I’m no expert on Hollywood, but maybe, just maybe, some of the other fighters/aspiring actors might want to try hooking up with Randy’s agent. Just a suggestion.

As for Nick Nolte, seriously, what happened to you?

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