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EliteXC Fighter Watch: Alvarez, Daley, Noons, Diaz & More

Where are they going? A week removed from EliteXC’s fall, not one EliteXC fighter is free and clear yet to sign a new deal elsewhere. That doesn’t mean the wheels aren’t turning though. Here’s the latest on a few of the fighters EliteXC left behind.

Eddie Alvarez

Eddie AlvarezOf all the fighters signed to EliteXC contracts, Eddie Alvarez seems to have the most options while his Elite contract is stuck in bankruptcy proceedings. According to his manager, Monte Cox, Eddie has two fights remaining on his DREAM contract, and deals with Andrenaline and Extreme Challenge.

“Eddie’s contract with Pro Elite was also a contract with Adrenaline and Extreme Challenge, and also a contract with Dream. That contract allowed him to fight in any of those places. (Pro Elite) only owned a piece of Eddie. I put in his contract that he would fight in EliteXC and then Extreme Challenge, Adrenaline, or Dream. We were alternating. The deal also says if one of the organizations doesn’t schedule a fight or is unable to put on a fight, they lose a turn.”

The problem though is that DREAM’s future is uncertain and Adrenaline MMA isn’t currently running any shows. So for now, it looks like Alvarez’s next fight might be for Cox’s Extreme Challenge promotion in January.

Good for Eddie, but I’m not going to lie, I was hoping FEG would put him on their K-1 Dynamite!! 2008 card on NYE. Aoki vs Alvarez, the DREAM LWGP Final that should have been, anyone? Or a rematch with Hansen for the title? Or the match against Nick Diaz that was supposed to happen next weekend? Monte, Japan, are you listening???

Oh, and Cox and Alvarez aren’t ruling out a move to the UFC either, but judging from Eddie’s thoughts on it, that possibility doesn’t sound particularly promising.

“The UFC is always an option, but the catch is that we have to make a deal that both sides are happy with. The UFC has a lot of good fighters and they might not need a fighter like me. I get paid well for somebody who’s not in the UFC and I want to continue to make a good living at it. I have two kids and a family, so it’s important to be able to put food on the table and make sure they’re comfortable. Right now, it’s about making money and being the best fighter in my weight class.”

Paul Daley

Paul Daley seems like a no-brainer for the UFC’s expansion into the UK. He’s a young, charismatic, exciting British fighter who knows how to hype a fight. Perfect for the UFC, right? Well, maybe so, but there doesn’t seem to be any moves being made just yet for a move to the Octagon. Like everyone else, he’s still trying to figure out when he will become a free agent. In the meantime though, it doesn’t look like Daley will just be sitting around.

“I am considering fights in December in Canada, the UK or Holland and I am 99% sure I’ll make a return to Japan in January 2009 for Sengoku,” Daley wrote in an e-mail to “As far as exclusive contracts go, I have nothing yet, as we are still trying to establish the legal jargon in my Pro Elite contract. But I hope to be fighting regularly in 2009 with a major U.S. promotion.”

Keep in mind, he has turned the UFC down before when he signed with ProElite, so while they may want/need him, he’s not going to sign with them just to sign with them.


KJ Noons: Noons is still telling the same story from a month ago. He apparently wants the rematch with Diaz now, of course, as long as he isn’t getting paid three times less than Nick. Good luck.

Nick Diaz: Nick Diaz has sent ProElite a notice for breach of contract. The letter appears on and is signed by Nick, but something tells me he wasn’t the one who wrote it.

Jake Shields & Robbie Lawler: Have also filed notices for breach of contract with ProElite.

Kimbo Slice: All the speculation is turning towards a fight in Japan on NYE, possibly a rematch against Seth Petruzelli. Gee, I can barely contain my excitement.

Gina Carano: Nothing new on her, but Dave Meltzer has an interesting tidbit on how important her fight with Julie Kedzie was. Apparently, that fight was to women’s MMA on Showtime and CBS as Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar was to the UFC.

It was little known at the time that the match was a do-or-die proposition, as Gary Shaw, the head promoter of Elite XC, saw Carano as a potential breakout star and begged to get the match on the live show, saying that if it didn’t work, he’d never ask again. After the match was over, he never had to ask again, and all opposition from the Showtime side was gone.

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