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GSP’s English Is Improving

This made my day. This is a scene from that awful new “Never Surrender” movie that’s coming out soon. Apparently, GSP was a little bit too hard to understand on film, so they had to a little voice over work on his scenes.

Due to pitch and sound problems Georges’ lines were quite difficult to understand. Not his fault, but that of the production team for not having dealt with this on the spot. Due to deadlines and schedules a decision had to be made. You may differ with us as to our decision, but we did our absolute best to correct the problem and to insure the integrity of GSP’s scenes. All QUALITY CONTROL at our sound labs agreed that our fixes were the best that could possibly be done.

I really hope this is just a joke, it’s that bad, but from all the scenes I’ve seen of this movie, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it wasn’t. I just want to know what their sound labs consist of…a kid with a laptop and Windows Movie Maker?

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