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Chuck Liddell Sees Both Sides Of The Argument

Remember when Chuck used to win fights?

Remember when Chuck used to win fights?

Though he himself apparently has yet to make a decision on his future, Liddell seems to fully understand that both men who are pushing him in opposite directions do have his best interests at heart.

It’s like if you’re a kid and your parents don’t get along. They both called me up and talked to me, and they both love me and have my best interests at heart. I love both guys, and I’m not going to take sides. They’ve never liked each other. But they’ve always kept it quiet out of respect for me. Now that it’s going back and forth, it’s been blown way out of proportion.

It would be really great if Liddell was able to offer more insight than that into his current situation and what his future plans may be, but at least he appears to be taking the necessary time to sit back and reflect on what might be his best choice. If the man didn’t have a love for fighting and competition then the decision would be easy and he could walk away from the UFC for good. The fact remains that he does love what he does for a living and might not be ready to give it up just yet.

Both White and Hackleman want Chuck to do what’s best, though they clearly differ on what that might be. However, Dana White appears to be much more objective on the situation and probably holds all of the cards needed to keep Liddell out of the Octagon unless the former UFC champion is able to perform an array of jedi mind tricks and change the boss’ mind.

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