Will Evans-Machida Be Boring?

If Rashad’s trainer, Mike Winklejohn, has his way, it will be.

“Machida is a tough nut to crack,” Winklejohn said. “He’s a talented guy with good reactions; he steps back, causes a hole and counters real well. [The] plan is to have Rashad not be there when Machida wants to counter. We are going to counter the counter or make Machida come at Rashad.”

“I told Rashad if the crowd starts booing, that’s a good thing; we have the right gameplan,” said Winklejohn, echoing the sentiments he imparted before Evans knocked out Liddell in Atlanta.”

Awesome. At least Ghengis Con’s “Who Is He?” video of Evans is entertaining.

  • robthom

    Sounds fair.

    Lyoto certainly doesn’t have a care in the world about americans booing. Why should evens feel responsible to carry all the weight.

    In fact I’m thinking that might be a intentional psychological tool for lyoto, get the crowd booing to pressure his opponent into making a mistake.

    To me the thing about this fight is the fighters and the implications. If this was just two guys, then the crowd would have more justification for expecting a slugfest for their buck.
    But with two undefeated guys, in the prime of their careers, fighting for the belt, this fight is more important and the entertainment value is deeper than just a visceral thrill.

    Even if it is a slow chess match, I’ll still be fascinated by every move and in anticipation of the outcome.

    Unfortunately its the mobs of howling drunk fratboys who pay the bills, so they’ll probably be booing within a minute.

    Fluck’em in this example, IMO.

  • http://convert J montoya

    I realy think this fight will go fast – 2nd round TKO by Machida

    we will see !


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