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Kimbo Slice Makes The Media Rounds For TUF 10

Kimbo Slice has been making the media rounds promoting TUF 10. Video interview with Fanhouse above and Fox Fight Game after the jump. Also, here’s a few highlights from interviews with Spike TV and Cage Potato including confirmation that Kimbo will fight on the TUF 10 Finale (this does not necessarily mean as a finalist).

Spike TV:

SP: What do you make of all the attention the show has been getting?

Kimbo: It’s heavyweights, man.  It’s bigger than boxing and that’s what it mainly is. I don’t want to say that I’m bringin all this attention; it’s the heavyweights. People love to watch big dudes just bangin, you know, sluggin it out. I don’t think people wanna see big guys rolling around and wrestling and punching each other on the floor. The ground game is great but that aint really my thing. If I get a guy down, I’m gonna signal him to get back up and finish the fight. I don’t want to get on the ground and have people rubbin up on me. Nah, I don’t want that.

Cage Potato:

But your training benefitted.
Oh yeah, I learned a hell of a lot more in that short period of time than I did with Bas (Rutten) in a whole year. [Ed. note: Burn, the war of words with Bas continues]
I assume you’ll be fighting in the finale.
Yes, in December.
How are you preparing for your fight?
How do you prepare for a fight? Training, man, training. Smoking a lot of weed and having a lot of sex.
Last thing, it’s been a while you’ve been doing this on a professional level. We’re all a little older and wiser. Kimbo, is tapping out still for bitches?
Tapping out is still for bitches.

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