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Rampage Offers Explanation To Fans, Has A Lot Of Other Big Money Movie Offers

Rampage JacksonMore from Rampage via an interview with MMA Bay.

“I’m addressing the fans only here, I think I owe them an explanation…

“Everybody knows I’m doing this A-Team movie and now I’ve got a lot of other movie offers and it’s for big money. So I’m thinking, ‘What should I do? Should I let an organisation disrespect me, tell me what I can’t do, make loads of money off me and call me a baby?’ I love the fans. I really do love the fans and I’m thinking, ‘Should I go out there and give them what they wanna see?’ The fans buy the Pay-Per-Views, they give you the strength to go out there and put on a show because their cheering for you but I’ve grown to like making movies…

“People are coming up to me with all these other movies and I’m thinking, ‘Man, do I really wanna bust my ass in training every day, have all these injuries, worries about whether I look good and whether I’m going to win?’ I don’t have that with the movies, I already know what’s gonna happen, it’s scripted so there’s just no worries. At the end of the day I go home, I can just kick back and enjoy myself. But I can’t lie, my heart is with fighting…

“I want the fans to know that I’m not abandoning you just because of the comments from Dana White or the UFC. Don’t think that I’m running away or selling out because the main reason I got into fighting is to make money, I’ve always been honest about that. I want to take care of my family cos my Mom and Dad never really had a whole lot…

“…The only thing I can tell you fans is everybody knows I’m a spiritual person and I have to leave it up to my heavenly father. I’m gonna pray to him and ask him what role he wants me to take, what road he wants me to go. He’s the one that’s given me all the skills that I have. For Dana to say that I’m not a movie star and that he’s heard it before, I don’t think there’s been someone like me. So I’m going to pray to my Farther who gave me these skills and see where he wants me to go and leave it up to him. If he wants me to fight and do movies or just do movies or just fight then he’ll direct me. I’m gonna put everything in his hands.”

Rampage has always been the kind of guy that’s done it “for the money,” so if he can make more money not putting his body through hell — something he fully admits he loathes — then I’d fully expect him to do that. Problem for Rampage is unless he’s as good of an actor as he is a fighter, these big money offers probably aren’t going to come his way if he’s not beating up guys in real life in front of millions of people.

But hey, everyone who’s reading this already knows that. The question is, how long will it take for Rampage to figure that out?

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