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Pat Barry Really Needed That UFC 104 Bonus Money

Pat Barry emotional after win at UFC 104It’s nice to see the prelim fighters win the UFC pay-per-view bonus money. They need it a lot more than many of the guys on the main card who are making well into the five, six and seven-figures per fight.

That’s why it was awesome to see Pat Barry — who would have only made $14,000 for his impressive striking display in the second round against Antoni Hardonk — take home an additional $120,000 for winning Knockout and Fight of the Night honors. What makes it even sweeter though is how much he needed it.

Hey man, I showed up to this fight broke. When we got to Los Angeles on Tuesday, I had ZERO dollars to my LIFE. I’m not even joking around. I had nothing sitting in the bank, nothing under the mattress at home, not even a piggy bank; nothing at all. Two days before we got to LA, I was literally eating white rice and ketchup. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want anybody to worry or figure I was taking this fight for the money because I really wanted to fight. Financially I had nothing. I had no choice but to win.

A loss in a lackluster fight would have netted him $7,000. Instead, he took home $134,000 (minus tax, tag and title). What a difference an exciting fight and sweet finish can make for an empty bank account.

Image via Sherdog

  • MMA is PRIDE

    I’m glad for him. Just imagine how this guy would feel if his win would have been stolen in a doubtful decision…

  • tim

    lol he wouldent know how that felt cause he finished the fight,… you shoudl tell rua the same… let him know you dont take someones belt by leg kicks, lol you moron

  • tim

    maybee if rua actually tryed to finish the fight 1 time, but all he did was kick to leg while reciving a counter str8 left down the pipe onto his chin….. look at everyother fight rua has had… he has never been such a puss in his game plan before,… so the judges saw that he was just trying to take rounds so there is no way they would take a belt away for trying to out point the champion,,,, cmon

  • Chaiyoshnay

    Hey this guy is cool, he said one of his hero’s is Sagat from street fighter.

  • Shep

    You cant take a title by leg kicks? What about Forrest/Rampage?

  • tim

    how many time did forest charge at hime and atleast attemt to maul him, a bunch,, rua showed no effort to chang the fight, he was looking for a 5 round decision and thats not how a 16-0 undefeated fight is gonna loose a belt im sorry not gonna happen

  • mmalex

    totally man. ya rua landed more but you gotta BEAT THE CHAMP AND BE FEROCIOUS he did neither.

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