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UFC Undisputed 2010 Combat System, Career Mode & Create-A-Fighter Preview

As someone who enjoyed the fighting aspect of UFC Undisputed 2009, but was generally disappointed by the tiresome menu navigation system and repetitiveness of the career mode, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what improvements they made in those areas for UFC Undisputed 2010. Today we got those answers. THQ unveiled many of the improvements and enhancements of the career mode to Gamespot who in turn published a hands-on report of what to expect along with two video previews.

Here’s a quick rundown career mode and create-a-fighter enhancements followed by the videos:

  • Choose basic fighting style, then mix-and-match individual moves from different style
  • More control over visual style
    • Drag-and-drop (replaces cumbersome menu system) and resize tattoos and logos
    • Expanded hair and body types
    • Customize various taunts
    • Handshakes
    • Post-fight outfits
  • Orthodox or southpaw with ability to choose dominant hand regardless of orientation
  • Character voice
    • Conversations between created fighter and various individuals during cut-scenes
    • Pep talks from trainers
    • Visits from Dana White
    • Interviews
    • Interaction with opponent, option to respect or disrespect him during weigh-in cut scenes
  • Start your career in lower-level World Fighting Alliance (WFA!)
  • Unlock new sponsorships and skills as you climb the ladder
  • Stats deteriorate over time if you neglect them
  • Created fighter will age over time
  • Effects of previous fight play major factor in your next fight
  • Option to switch weight classes
  • Discipline-specific training camps to focus on certain techniques in a way you couldn’t in 2009

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