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Leaner Brock Lesnar Won’t Have To Cut Weight For UFC 116 Title Defense

Brock Lesnar says he’s “still the same ornery SOB he’s always been,” but his bout with diverticulitis did change his outlook on life.

“It’s a great day. I’m done with training today. I’m going home to my family. My training camp is just about over with. It’s just a good day to be alive. I’m excited. The fight is almost here and it’s just a good day to be alive… This is what I love to do. Yes, I’m very humbled that I’ve been given a second chance and a new approach on the fight game. It’s been really great… To wake up every day, being on all them drugs and not be able to put any food in your mouth, yeah you definitely take a different approach on life… You realize there’s nothing more important in life than your family and you really find out who your friends are. I felt like I was on my death bed, I really did, because I was very sick. This illness, it kills a lot of people and it’s one of these things I never knew I had.”

Perhaps more importantly, in terms of his career as a professional fighter who enjoyed a substantial size advantage over every one of his previous opponents, it forced him to change his diet. Because of a healthier food intake, Brock is leaner and says he won’t have to cut a single pound to meet the 265 lbs. heavyweight limit for his second UFC heavyweight title defense, meaning he should be about the same size as Shane, if not smaller, come fight time.

“I’m eating a lot cleaner. You have to make it part of your life. I don’t get to eat what I used to, but I feel better and I recover faster. If I wasn’t seeing the results, it would be hard.”

That doesn’t mean Lesnar isn’t confident he won’t beat Carwin though.

“I think every fight is a tough fight. There have been no easy fights for me since I set foot in the Octagon. Shane poses different threats. He’s a credible guy. Shane’s heavy handed. He’s got knockout power. Obviously, there are things I want to do to him and things I want to avoid… Shane’s got a lot of good things going for him, and so do I. I know my credentials and he knows his, and I think mine outweigh his. I think my hand will be raised on July 3, and he probably thinks the same thing.”

Brock showed a lot of respect for his July 3 opponent on the UFC 116 conference call, but not so much for heavyweight king Fedor Emelianenko and former WWE superstar Dave Batista.

“Good for Fedor. I hope he does retire. He’s the greatest champion of all-time,” he said with a laugh. Before anyone could ask him if he was being sarcastic, he made his feelings clear.

“He’s the greatest champion ever, of all-time, in his own little world,” he said. “Good for him.”

“Get in line, everybody and their dog wants to get into fighting,” he said. “Next question. We’re talking about a heavyweight championship fight, not some wannabe.”

Yep, he’s still the same ornery SOB he’s always been.

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