Aoki Tried To ‘Destroy’ Kawajiri’s Leg At DREAM.15, Won’t Get Melendez Rematch In September

When I caught him and tried to submit him, I heard a loud crackle sound. He did not tap so I thought ‘Ok, this match just became a death-fight’ and I was going to destroy his leg… I knew Kawajiri never taps so I could not win without breaking his bone. I was hoping for an open-fracture… Yes, yes. No one could have endured [that submission] like Kawajiri. His heart is iron.

—Shinya Aoki in his post-fight interview talking about trying to break Tatsuya Kawajiri’s ankle at DREAM.15

In Shinya Aoki’s post-fight speech immediately after “destroying” Tatsuya Kawajiri’s leg (still not 100% sure he broke it), Aoki told the crowd he would rematch Gilbert Melendez at DREAM.15, or he at least hinted at it. Either way, he’s not getting the rematch in September. Strikeforce already shot it down, claiming Melendez won’t be ready to return to action until later this fall. Melendez is still recovering from a broken hand and is expecting his first daughter later this summer.

Translated via MiddleEasy and GryphonJapan. Image via Dan Herbertson for MMA Fighting.

  • Alex

    Strikeforce is a strange business. They have some excellent fighters, but when an upset occurs they just ignore it, and if they don’t like certain matches they ignore them as well.

    Fedor taps to Werdum but is still getting the first title shot – that alone is the biggest load of shit to happen in MMA, reward Werdum for making history goddamnit! Then we have them turning down fights for one reason or another. Aoki smokes Kawajiri, there isn’t anyone left for him aside from a rematch with Melendez (which I think he would win this time, improvements the name of the game), or possibly signing with the UFC (how epic would BJ vs. Shinya be? Though Penn would outlcass him greatly…)

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