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War Machine Pisses Off Judge, Loses Plea Deal (Update: War Sentenced)

So it looks like War Machine’s year in county jail could turn into a year (or more) in state prison. I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention, but apparently WM’s year in jail for two felony counts of assault was part of a plea agreement. A plea agreement that was basically a done deal (but not final) until War pissed off Judge David Danielsen during his sentencing hearing last week.

According to San Diego’s KGTV 10 News (via CP), the judge wasn’t pleased with War’s attitude in court and various things he had said about the incidents and jail outside of court. Rather than let War serve his year in jail and three years probation, the judge decided to teach War a lesson and reject his plea agreement, likely sending the case to trial where WM could be handed a state prison sentence if he’s convicted.

After a brief break, (Judge) Danielsen said he was alarmed by the defendant’s actions in court and statements made to a probation officer in preparation for sentencing.

He said he would not honor the plea agreement, set another hearing for Aug. 24 and told prosecutor Michael Runyon to prepare the case for trial.

“It really is a state prison case,” the judge said. “If (War Machine) is guilty of this felony conduct, he should go to state prison.”

Outside court, Runyon told reporters the judge was concerned about the defendant’s attitude and his characterization of the incidents to which he pleaded guilty.

Before the hearing, Runyon gave the judge several tweets from War Machine’s Twitter account, in which the defendant says, “wish I could smuggle a few hundred Ambien in (to jail) in sleep the year away!”

He also says he wasn’t even involved in a fight at a bar in which he is accused of punching a security guard, and “I do ME and don’t change for anything or suck up to ANYONE.”

“(Judge Danielsen) wants him to take a timeout,” the prosecutor said.

(Facepalm) Some people need to be saved from themselves. I think it’s safe to say War Machine is one of those people.

Update: Looks like War Machine dodged a bullet. TMZ is reporting that War has been sentenced to a year in county jail and three years probation which sounds identical to the plea deal the judge rejected. The catch is he won’t be allowed to drink alcohol or go anywhere where “alcohol is the main focus” while on probation. In other words, I wouldn’t rule out state prison in War’s future just yet.

  • Simco

    I’d rather live in a world full of WarMachine’s than a world where someone’s twitter is brought up in court.

    • shawn

      Simco- I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • JR

    Obviously there are likely addition tweets, but those two that were in the article seem incredibly harmless. They don’t show a particularly negative ‘attitude’. Who wouldn’t want to sleep away a year in jail or prison? Who would publicly claim to be a suck up or two faced?

    What did the judge expect him to say “boy, I can’t wait for a year in the slammer. Maybe I can get a$$ raped” or “I am so looking forward to hiding my personality from other. I know I should learn to close myself up and pretend to be someone else; someone they want me to be. I am going to be on my knees for a year, literally sucking up and kissing ass of everyone I meet.”

    WM does seem to need some time to work things out. But for the judge to use those tweets as justification for reneging on a plea deals seems absurd.

  • Tradition Rules

    Maybe so JR, but a little humility in the face of being sentenced could not hurt.

    My understanding, and this *may* be incorrect, is that this is not his first legal issue/run in with the law.

    If it’s not, he is a pretty dim light bulb, to not think its best to keep his mouth shut.

  • sam Snee, better recognize

    dumbest human being on the planet.

  • Neal And Bob

    He’s definately a few fries short of a Happy Meal…

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