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27 Loose Bone Fragments Successfully Removed From Fabricio Werdum’s Elbow

The elbow surgery that prevented Fabricio Werdum from fighting Fedor Emelianenko or Alistair Overeem later this year was a success.

Fabricio Werdum informed that Dr. Neal S. Elattrache successfully removed 27 loose bone fragments (!) from his elbow, and he’s already on the road to recovery.

“My elbow is feeling really good already and I’m in physical therapy now. I want to make sure I come back when I’m 100 percent.”

The plan remains the same. Werdum expects to return to action sometime in the early part of 2010. The only question is, who will he fight? Alistair Overeem for the Strikeforce heavyweight title or Fedor Emelianenko in an immediate rematch? That remains to be seen, but I do like Overeem’s idea for a mini-heavyweight tournament — (1) Overeem vs. (2) Werdum and (3) Fedor vs. (4) Silva with the winners meeting down the road. It wouldn’t kill Strikeforce/Showtime/M-1 to do something that actually makes sense, would it?

Image via Fabricio Werdum/Sherdog

  • luckiethirteen


    How did Werdum even do that to his elbow? Did he even hit Fedor? I must have missed that…

    I vote Overeem for Strikeforce Matchmaker!

    • Steve Barry

      I can’t remember if he specified how it happened, but he did said it’s an old injury he’s been fighting with for years.

  • luckiethirteen

    Wow… 27 bone fragments just hangin around in his elbow for years… Thats crazy.

    • Steve Barry

      Well it might have been something that started out small and progressively worsened. I’ll let you know if I can find the details.

    • Steve Barry

      Okay found the quote. Two years he hasn’t been able to straighten his arm. Sorry, didn’t mean to mislead.

      Now it’s time to take advantage of this, using this situation to intelligently promote my name. There are a few priorities at the moment. One of them is getting surgery on my arm, since I’m suffering from tennis elbow. This really gets in the way of my training, and if someone catches me in an armlock, it could get ugly, ’cause it hurts a lot. I’ll have to go under the knife, since I’ve already delayed it several times. I’ve been like this for two years, always saying I’d operate after each fight, but nothing. I feel that now is the time. I’m doing a series of seminars in Europe to enjoy the moment, and I’ll have surgery when I come back, already with my eye on the next fight.

      This post-op story is the first time anything has been said about the bone frags to my knowledge.

  • sandman

    Werdum is a bum. Now that he has the win over Fedor, he wants to stall as long as possible to shine in the glorious light and hopefully get recognized by somebody…anybody. Werdum knows he is not going to have this moment long. And with Fedor griping over every potential match-up, and Overeem doing a lot of talking but more ducking, who the hell is actually fighting in Strikeforce nowadays?!?

  • Miguel Pereira

    Man…why do you have to be so negative about everything that concerns Strikeforce!
    Werdum never was and sure it is not a bum. The recovery will be fast and no one is ducking nobody, just too many politics involved with M-1 and Showtime behind the scenes.
    In beggining 2011 this match-ups will go down…I hope!

  • MizasterJ

    Xcellent ! now let the fighting begin. Fedor v Werdum rematch! Overeem can wait for the winner, or fight Big Foot now, but he should prob wait for the winner.

    The world wants to know if Werdum’s win was a fluke, is he actually better than Fedor falling etc. ?

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