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Chael Sonnen Plans To Appeal Drug Test + Jim Rome’s Take On Sonnen (Update)

Chael Sonnen will file an appeal with the CSAC for his positive drug test according to his manager, Mike Roberts. Sonnen will also publicly address the situation later this week (he apparently has a lot to say). MMA Fighting has the details.

In an MMA Fighting exclusive, Sonnen’s manager, Mike Roberts, wrote that Sonnen will appeal the California State Athletic Commission’s claim that he tested positive for “abnormally high” levels of testosterone and that Sonnen will break his silence on the matter in the coming days.

“It is our policy not to comment on pending actions by the Athletic Commission. Chael is consulting with his legal advisors and physicians and will have a statement in the near future. Chael will file and appeal with the CSAC and looks forward to working with the Commission to resolve this matter.”

I failed to mention this yesterday, but two tests were conducted to confirm the positive results. The initial test, conducted on Sept. 2, yielded a positive result for a performance enhancing drug. A “more-rigorous” follow-up test confirmed the results of the first test. The testing was conducted by the UCLA’s Olympic Analytical Laboratory, which happens to be the world’s largest World Anti-Doping Agency-certified facility. According to Dr. Johnny Benjamin, they are more than 99% accurate. In other words, the chances of it being a false-positive due to lab error is somewhere between slim and none.

You may remember Jim Rome conducted the interview where Chael Sonnen flat out denied making the comments about Lance Armstrong, then blamed it on a Hispanic impersonator. Needless to say, he was just as baffled by it as we were. Here’s his reaction to the news via Cagewriter (audio via The Jim Rome Show and FoxSportsRadio920).

Image via Sherdog

Update: Chael Sonnen is scheduled to appear on this week’s edition of ESPN MMA Live to presumably give his side of the story on Thursday at 1AM ET on ESPN 2.

  • BreakUrNeck

    Guilty I say! Off with his head! Lol

  • Matt Silliman

    This is very dissapointing to hear. I love the way he talked trash, I loved the way he backed (most) of it up in the ring, but I don’t love that he had to cheat to do it. People keep saying he’s not guilty yet, but I’m not that nieve. Bonds didn’t do it, Clemens didn’t do it, so on and so on. I have talked to numerous people who play minor league baseball, and they all say the same thing. Almost everyone does it. You have to set yourself apart you need a competitive edge.

    I think Jim Rome hit the nail on the head….the Risk is worth the Reward. The only way it won’t be worth the reward is if its a one and done system. You get caught and you are done. That will really will put it in perspective for athletes. The reverse problem with one and done is…the fans will no longer get to see some great athletes perform.

    This is such a tough issue. As a fan, I just want to see the best fights, games, etc….. and Roids give you that excitement…..Chael Sonnen, Mark Mcguire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, So many others. People who excel and do great things are fun to watch, and it’s easier to excel and do great things if you are on steroids.

    On the flip side, its not fair to those who care about their health and don’t take the steroids.

    But in my opinion….This is ALL about entertainment…These people are entering the entertainment industry. So if it requires some self sacrifice and possible health problems so be it. I pay $50 to be entertained, if an athlete is going to sacrifice his own health to put on a great performance so be it.

    It’s crazy how times have changed, if they had steroids back when there were gladiators… can bet your ass everyone would be on steroids. You would be cheating (yourself) if you weren’t on them.

  • Steve Barry

    Interesting take on it… my biggest problem with it is it is still cheating no matter how you look at it and it’s not fair to the people who want to do it right way. When I was a little kid I wanted to be a pro baseball player. I was never good enough, but if I was, I would have almost been forced to get on steroids just to make it to the big leagues. I hate it for the people who don’t want to take them.

  • i like sexy time

    Lying shit! Sack him!

  • Steve Barry

    Quick heads up: I’ve been adding updates to an earlier post as well.

  • MMA is PRIDE

    1 year ban. That’s justice. He cheated, he’s sacked. In addition to this one year ban, he should be banned from trash talking forever.

  • c.c. kennedy

    I would leave the country so Lesnar couldn`t find me!

  • Freako

    Jim Rome? What a douchebag. Ever listen to his predictions on NFL football? He needs to take the dildo out of his ass and stick it in his mouth. This pole smoker definitley needs to go back working the glory hole at the local adult video store.

  • Lonnie Batt

    Man Shocking, weather he did it or not he is history, just to have your name come up in a subject on steroids is bad enough, and I got to tell you I am brokenhearted cauase I really liked the guy but I have been around this stuff andI know what it does and how it makes people who are on them act and until now I can honestly say that the attitude that he has had just convinces me that he is juicing without a doubt… HIS ATTITUDE AND HIS DEMEANOR IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A PERSON WHO IS JACKED UP ON TESTOSTERONE….. Now there is a chance that is is not,but I highly doubt it…….sorry Chael I have just seen it enough too many times with my own eyes……..

    • http://oregonsbest paulette

      Keep your faith in Chael and you will be the winner- Chael’s personality is what Chael has had since he was a little boy–one should be so lucky to be able to talk and think at the same time. Chael does not and has not used PED’s.

      • Lonnie Batt

        Well Paulette I have been to these commission hearings and as long as I have been involved in professional competition I have never seen anyone exhororated when tested positive for performance enhancing drugs although it is his case to proove his chances are very slim, you reall need to look at this thing for what it is and read all of the news on this subject and see for yourself just what he is up against, and I am not referring to the news on his situation I am talking about news history on this subject and prior cases (Shawn Shirk, Josh Barnett) you will see for yourself, but these test are extensive and pretty hard to disproove so prepare youself for the worst….

      • Lonnie Batt

        Just one more thing paulette I sure hope whoever you are that you are able to folow this as close as possible to see how these hearings turn out to see how biased these committes are even if he prooves his case I highly doubt it will be overturned and reguardless of the the end result he will always have this blemish on his character to defend,,, trust me I hope that I am wrong but I have followed Chaels pro fighting carrer for some time and always thought that he is a very talented phenominal athelete but have never heard or saw this in his personality and even so after the Sliva fight how he has resorted to bashing any and everyone,suddenly there is something very different about him and it is so obivious something is not right he is being influenced by something and this type of behavior is very similar to the effects of PEDs but thats why they have test.. never the less he will never get a chance to fight Silva again because of this, Silva’s Manager will never allow it, and he has a perfect excuse to refuse to, after all he was looking for a way to avoid it before this and now has the perfect excuse and any other fighter and the fans will always have this to comment on also. this is a very bad situation for Chael

        • TURBO88

          Hello Lonnie. We had discussed my own experience with testosterone injections. Of course,in my case my testosterone level was very low and I am taking prescribed T injections to raise my level to the upper range for my age. It sounds like you have much experience with bodybuilding where LARGE amounts of testosterone and other steroids are used or stacked, I think it is called.I thought that “roid rage” was mostly a myth. I was thinking that the increased strength & general sense of well being caused the term “roid rage” OR is there really a major change in someone whom is using larger amounts of testosterone or PEDs??

  • Lonnie Batt


  • Lonnie Batt

    PLEASE I would really love to hear all comments I really would

  • TURBO88

    I had my testosterone level checked and it was low for my age (56 yrs. old) I was prescribed a small amount for weekly testosterone self injections. These injections make a major difference in my strength and stamina. Sonnen most likely has a normal T level, but if he used testosterone injections or even transdermal patches it will give him a major advantage. As long as you can keep your T level in a certain range, it is very hard to catch someone. I guess my point is, you don’t have to use massive amounts of steroids, just a modest amount of testosterone will give a advantage, and testosterone is found naturally in the body.

  • Lonnie Batt

    yea you are right but they have all of that factored in .. quite naturally you are 56 your level is “X” and his is going to be higher than yours and his will be higher depending on his training, supplements he may be taking which alot are legal and do raise your levels.. the point I am trying to make is that once you reach a alloted limit then thats when you are considered positive.. Good point .. so you are not to take any small tamount especially transdermal or injectable that will in fact spike your level limits

    • TURBO88

      @Lonnie- Prior to getting my MD to prescribe the testosterone, I checked the “normal” T levels for my age. The range is very wide, so much so that two people of the same age, with one persons level 10 times higher than the other, they both fall within the “normal” range. Most MDs just don’t want to prescribe testosterone. I feel it is because of all of the negitive publicity. In my case it proved to be very benefical.

  • Lonnie Batt

    Beneficial for what??? I have been involved in judging professional bodybuilding contest for 10 years and have beed involved in bodybuilding and strenght training for almost 30 years now and I have never seen results on ANY test that displayed levels that were 10 times greater from one contestant to another????? I would love to see records of those test you are talking about????? I would also like to know just what do you consider benifical for the MMA fighter or for any other professional ahtelete for anything other than assisting in the rapid healing and rehabilatation of sports related injuries????? which still could never be controlled..

    • TURBO88

      @Lonnie Batt- When I refer to beneficial, in my case I felt very lethargic with no energy. My MD prescribed 7-8 different anti-depressants, which were of no help. I had my testosterone checked, which was very low but still fell within the “normal” range. After much persuasion, I convinced him to let me try testosterone injections. I now feel much better,mentally & physically. It amazed me what a small amount of testosterone will do. I can see how a MMA fighter could get a clear advantage, just by raising their T levels a small amount. Obviously Sonnen pushed his T levels too much.

      • Lonnie Batt

        Turbo please refer to the comment section on the article for my response also if you wish my e addy is

  • Lonnie Batt

    that is correct, the fact that in men the levels of testosterone play a main role in aggression and natural energy just like in your youth you have more desire to, say, want to go mountian climbing or riding a skateboard than a male that is in his fiftys, and to have the will to do more risky or exciting things when you are a much younger.. person. Consider in wild animals the natural instinct to be dominate over another animal or to claim territory and to defend that territory all of these traits are triggered and driven by testosterone levels and quite naturally when you are younger your body is at its best at producing it, but your body produces only a certian amount and some of us as with animals produce more than others thats where the term ALPA male come from and to have the ability to inject a higher amount allows the body to magnify the effect of testosterone.. the term stacking really does not create this reaction as opposed to what the steroid test does altough all steroid are forms of testosterone stacking others like Deca durabolin the testosterone reacts in different ways in terms of musclebuilding testosterone is the main ingredient in building muscle but to stack it with other types causes it to react differently in the system you must be at the age of forty or over to be on HRT so therefore what type of reaction your dose of testosterone is all of the above just in a very small realm of what it is capable of but you probablly notice your sex drive has maganified a number of times and what does that say?? that is one of the most instintive traits amoung man and animal.. so that says alot about what this steroid is responsible for..

  • Howie

    point blank even under steroids Sonnen could not beat Silva. Everyone stop feeding into Sonnen’s ego, he’s a cheating bum graving for attention and bottom line he don’t deserve a rematch with Silva, because he tapped out. He gave up “cried daddy no more it hurts, please stop hurting me, I’ll be your B_tch”.

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