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Dana White Has Anderson Silva, Frankie Edgar & Jose Aldo In His Top 3 P4P, Do You?

“Are you (expletive) nuts? POTENTIAL FUTURE pound for pound king. Anderson Silva hasn’t lost since 2006! He’s never lost in the UFC!… Yeah, (he got beat up by Chael Sonnen, but) He (expletive) WON! AND he’s 35 years old. You media geeks need to learn the fight biz… Listen moron, I’m at dinner right now (hours after WEC 51). But you’re really pissing me off. Anderson Silva is a pain in my ass. This isn’t Chuck Liddell, we aren’t best friends. But you can’t deny what the man has done. He (Silva) HASNT LOST in the UFC! The guy has not only cleared out his division, he’s gone up to 205 (from 185) and beaten a guy like Forrest Griffin (former 205 champ), who beat Rampage Jackson AND (current champ) Shogun Rua. And Frankie Edgar is right there too. I might actually put him at No. 2. This guy is for real. He beat BJ Penn twice, and kicked his ass in their last fight. I love and respect Manny Gamburyan, but he’s no BJ Penn. And the only thing keeping GSP (170 pound champ Georges St. Pierre) out of the top 3 is (a KO loss) to Matt Serra.”

—Dana White responding to Carmichael Dave claiming Jose Aldo is the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world

Top 3 pound-for-pound fighters in the world according to Dana White:

  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Frankie Edgar
  3. Jose Aldo

I’m not a fan of pound-for-pound rankings. What is the exact criteria for ranking P4P anyhow? Bet you’d get 10 different answers from 10 different people to that question. But, if I had to list my top 3, it would be:

  1. GSP
  2. Anderson Silva
  3. Jose Aldo

To me, it’s hard putting Silva over GSP when GSP has been so dominant, and Anderson, well he just got dominated. Silva did however win, so I can’t justify putting Aldo over him who has only had two successful title defenses to Silva’s eight.

What’s yours?

  • Matt

    I have have it:
    1. GSP
    2. Silva
    3. Aldo
    4. Shogun

    • Shabba-Jay

      I don’t think it makes sense to rank in order (no way to be sure), so why not create tiers with no particular order within the tier?
      Tier 1: Silva/Aldo/GSP
      Tier 2: Shogun/Machida/Edgar
      Tier 3: Penn/Rashad/Fedor

      *Great potential but too soon to say: Lesnar, Shields, Fitch, Jon Jones, Overeem

  • Lux

    I am with you Steve…

    1. GSP
    2. Anderson Silva
    3. Jose Aldo

    After seeing Chael man handle Silva I think GSP would give him a run for his money… and if Aldo keeps it up he will surpass Silva & GSP in terms of dominance of his division.

  • Efrain

    1. Jose Aldo
    2. Fedor Emelianenko
    3. Anderson Silva
    4. GSP

  • Berezansky

    1. Anderson Silva
    2. GSP
    3. Fitch I Fitch’s only loss is to the only Welterweight better than he is. I know he’s not a champ like Aldo, but he gets my vote.

  • Billdo

    1. Silva
    2. GSP
    3. Fedor
    4. Fitch

    Anderson Silva’s only truely legitimate loss was over 7 years ago to a guy who had a losing record, although I’ve never seen his very first fight. Ryo Chonan’s flying heel hook? C’mon. He was DQ’d in the Okami fight. Since then he entered the UFC on a tear, proving to be the most accurate and devastating striker in UFC history. He beat Rich Franklin, who at the time was completely dominant, twice convincingly. He Submitted black-belt Travis Lutter after being fully mounted, and Dan Henderson who in his illustrious career had only been submitted by the Nogueira’s. The name’s Marquardt, Leben, Irvin, Leites, Maia, Patrick Cote and Forrest Griffin are not all that low on totem pole either. Sure, Sonnen beat him up pretty bad. But who looked worse after the fight? Silva landed less than 40 strikes to Sonnen’s 300, and fought the entire fight with a cracked rib from the bottom. On top of that Sonnen juiced. And yet Anderson remains champion.

    GSP has beaten just about everybody. Serra put it to him once, but anyone can get caught. The problem is since then he’s lost his aggressiveness. Many decision wins grinding out guys with some LNP. Hey, it’s the sport I know, but there’s no way you can say he’s shown more dominance than Silva. Anderson’s only 2 decisions were with a guy that kept laying on his ass and in 85 degree heat outside in the humidity. None the less GSP in in a class of his own, surely one of the most well rounded fighters of all time, and a complete class-act.

    How can you forget Fedor? Oh, he lost to Werdum so now he sucks, I get it. Did you forget he’s 32-2-1 in 10 years? People say he fights chumps. Be realistic, this guy is a beast and got caught by one of the best jiu-jitsu players in the world because he tried to finish the fight. When Anderson stayed smart and didn’t engage with Maia on the ground, people gave him shit. If Fedor steps back and makes Verdum stand back up, Fedor eventually wins the fight. The rematch would go to Fedor and everyone knows it, and as of now he is still in the top 3.

    Aldo is a stud. But can you put him ahead of Fitch because he beat Uriah Faber once? Ridiculous. Fitch has gone 21-1-1 since his last loss almost 8 years ago, fighting tough guys and losing only to GSP. Aldo will probably be there soon enough, he is an amazing fighter, but so is Jon Jones. The fact is their careers are too new to be put at that level.

  • Steve Barry

    I think including Fedor goes back to what criteria you’re basing your rankings off of, and whether it based on entire careers or just recent fights. If it’s based on recent performances against quality competition, I probably put at least GSP, Silva, Aldo, Edgar and Shogun above him just for the simple fact that he did lose in his last fight, but if I’m ranking who I think the best fighters in MMA are, I’d still put Fedor at the top.

  • Billdo

    Pound 4 Pound is the whole shi-bang. It would mean taking everything and putting it all together. With your logic, I guess Ryan Bader is ranked higher than BJ Penn, and Matt Mitrione is ranked above Big Nog. Think about it.

    • Billdo

      Career doesn’t mean everything though. If Anderson gets smashed by Vitor, then get beat again after than by Marquardt or Okami…he won’t hold that spot regardless of how dominant he was before that. But he would still be ahead of say Gray Maynard for instance, even if Maynard beats Edgar again and wins the title. Of course if all that did happen and GSP loses to Koscheck too, then no one will know what to do.

    • Efrain


    • Steve Barry

      I’m not following either. I mean with P4P you’re naturally comparing the top ranked fighters in each division. Guys like Bader and especially Mitrione, though undefeated, haven’t qualified to be in the discussion.

      • Billdo

        You said based on recent performances against top competition. Bader just fought Nogueira after Jardine, is that not top competition?

        • Steve Barry

          It is, but I assumed we were only including the top 1, 2 or 3 ranked fighters in each division as most P4P lists do.

  • Billdo

    I wouldn’t expect you to understand. Aldo beat Manny Gamburyan and now you say he’s the best fighter in the world.

  • Matt Silliman

    I would also have Fedor in my top 3. Mainly because unlike (GSP and Silva) Fedor always fights people who out weight him. GSP is almost always the bigger guy in the right. Anderson is typically a bigger guy as well.

    Fedor could easily fight at 205 but yet he gives up 45lbs and in some cases more. To me, P4P has a lot to do with you weight and your ability to fight people of a similar weight. GSP hardly fights people who weight more than he does. He usually walks in the ring at what 190-200 lbs? So if he were to give up 45 lbs like Fedor then he would have to fight the likes of Cain Valesquez. I think that would make an accurate P4P comparision. How do you think GSP vs. Cain would go? Or Anderson vs. Cain. This is always why I like Dana putting Frankie up there. He is always the smaller fighter, but beat bigger strong fighters. He has to be up there. Aldo, is a HUGE 145er so if he wants my vote(not that he cares) he needs to more up to 155 and fight guys closer to his size. Other wise some of these guys get my vote for best ability to drop weight and recover in time to be the bigger stronger guy in the ring.

  • sandman

    Fedor’s record speaks for itself, and like Silliman said, he finds ways to beat all shapes and sizes. He is definitely at the top of my list. Silva is great because he has done so well for so long and he continues to win, though I don’t know what the fascination with beating Griffin is. Aldo is doing very well, but he needs more of those fights under him to be considered at the top…

  • Adam

    1. Anderson Silva
    2. GSP
    3. Fedor
    4. Jose Aldo

  • Miguel Pereira

    Anderson Silva

    Anderson has 3 or 4 clean losses in his carrer, so please don´t give the crap Fedor lost to Werdum!

  • i like sexy time

    Anderson Silva

    Yes Sir!

  • Thuggy

    Anderson Silva has absolutely no wrestling to his game. P4P means u gotta be good in everything!

    Fedor- he has it all- he can sub u, wrestle u, or knock u out with 1 hit
    GSP- haven’t seen his stand-up for a while, but he can do it all too
    Alistair Ubereem-ground game, stand up- u name it.(he will bash any heavyweight from the UFC)

  • Nuoz

    GSP been so dominante? Laying on top of guys. Listen, GSP is a great guy, but putting him first is nonsence.. He lost to serra by brutal KTFO.

  • Nuoz

    My 2 cent’s:

    1º Anderson Emilianenko
    2º Jose Aldo
    3º Frankie Edgar

    • Big D

      Lol! Haha.

  • Big D

    1. GSP
    2. Anderson
    3. Fedor!!!!!

  • MMA#1


    I really hate putting brock on my list,but you got to give him his props,his size and strength is very hard to deal with. Aldo isn’t on my list because I have no idea why anyone would put him on this list.but I would like for someone to give me some reasons why aldo should be on it.(If u can’t think of any,it’s ok,because I can’t either!)

  • Topdog

    Dana is nuts Frankie Edgar is not a top 5 p4p at that. Just because he beat an uninspired BJ he is in the top 3. So if lay and pray Maynard wins than I guess Dana will put him in his top 3 p4p list.

    • Neal And Bob

      well, he beat BJ Penn twice… uninspired or not he defeated BJ whose is a former top 10 lb4lb.

  • Neal And Bob

    1.) GSP (defeated 4 former champions – defeated 4 top 5 lightweights).
    2.) Anderson Silva (defeated basically everybody whose somebody at the UFC Middle Weight Division and soon Belfort.)
    3.) Jose Aldo (defeated 3 top 5 featherweights by dominating fashion).
    4.) Mega Megu Fujii (either lack of competition or she is just at the next level).

  • Bas Rutten

    Hey Dana, how the FUCK is edgar 2?

    Oh yeah, by the way you talk about Silva being number 1 since he’s never lost in the UFC??? how is that an accomplishment compared to someone who has NEVER LOST IN PRIDE (FEDOR, NUDGE NUDGE), which is 2x as impressive of an organization. Silva could hardly cut a winning record in PRIde and your telling me that the guy who weighs 15-20 more pounds than him (fedor) and fighting guys almost 100 pounds heavier than Silva does isn’t on the p4p list? jesssssssssssuusuusususuusus

  • karl burke

    1.Aldo 2.GSP 3.Fedor No one has been as dominating and overwhelming as Aldo.As easily as Silva has gone through his opponents over the last few years he was dominated for four and a half rounds in his last fight.

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