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How Many Asian Girls Can Alistair Overeem Hold Up At Once?

Weird question, I know, but apparently the answer is at least six judging from these pics of Alistair Overeem promoting the upcoming K-1 WGP Final 8 in Japan. Must be the horse meat. Check out more at


  • Billdo

    I can’t see the big picture on top!!!

    • Steve Barry

      See it now?

      • Billdo

        There it is! Thanks Steve.

        • Steve Barry

          Yeah, my bad. I needed to re-upload that pic and I forgot to. Thanks for saying something.

  • Matt Silliman

    Reems a beast. I’d like to see how he would do against the best in the UFC. I’m sure he would make more money and put on great fights. I wonder why he doesn’t want to fight in the UFC………Hmmm…..

    • bragladish

      He fights in K1, japan and Strikeforce… he doesn’t like the UFC contract that basically owns you, and wont let you fight anywhere else… They also don’t respect their fighters…

  • evilsteve

    that guys an animal. not sure how many fights he has left on his sf contract. anyone know? in videos with dana white and one of the more recent reem episodes he talked about wanting to win the ufc belt. i feel confident that he could. probably only 1 or 2 guys out there that would give him any trouble.

  • ganjiganji

    hahahahaha allistar is a pimppppppppppp

  • ganjiganji

    @evilsteve i think his contract might be void with strikeforce because im sure he has a champions clause in his contract saying he cant leave as long as hes holding the belt

    not sure just what i think cause scoot coker said theyd never make the same mistake as jake sheilds leaving

  • evilsteve

    im sure dana whites sneaky ass could find a way to work around that contract . wouldnt be the first time….hope reem makes his way to the ufc one of these days

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