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Fightmetric Rules Rampage-Machida A Draw, But Machida Was Far More Effective

To support my point that Rampage-Machida exemplifies why the 10-point must system fails in MMA, here’s the fight’s Fightmetric report with some interesting data. According to their calculations the fight should have been scored a 29-29 draw using the 10-point must system, but Machida was clearly the more effective fighter down the stretch and should have been awarded the decision.

I suppose that’s karma for you though. Now Machida knows what’s its like to be on the losing end of a decision he deserved to win.

  • Matt Silliman

    Like Dana I gave that fight to rampage. Machida just backed up and ran away the entire fight. He was only the “aggressor” while counter punching. I know that’s machida’s style buy he didn’t do any effective counter punching until the 3rd.

    Bottom line is, they were in their to put on a good fight and only one fighter tried to press the action and actually “fight” rampage might bit have been effective but machida didn’t do a thing until the 3rd round. So rampage deserves the first to for, if nothing else octagon control.

  • Matt Silliman

    Fightmetric is full of shit. 162 sounded crazy so I rewatched the fight. I counted (very generously) 48 strikes by machida. Some of them were pretty lame strikes.

    I’m more confident now that rampage won the first 2 rounds.

    • goosu

      Are you awful at math or something? Typical of a fan the is probably the JBG type that has an IQ of 75. This is late as hell but the signifcant strike total was 33. Significantly higher than Rampage’s numbers. Machida also landed more TDs, and was far more accurate.

  • Billdo

    I thought it was a draw, but knew they could have gave Rampage the first round. I don’t think it was a bad decision though.

  • Jay

    What you have to understand is fighting isn’t a set style. Machida was not running away from rampage he was using angles. He definitely hit rampage with more effective strikes. Knees, kicks, and punches. The comment about standing in front of rampage and banging is stupid. It’s a dumb way to fight and the fighters that do that are always injured. It may be more exciting for some fans but why not just watch muay Thai matches? Mma is mixed martial arts not a toughman competition. I watched the fight in the dojo even the rampage fans thought he lost not to mention our coach who fights in the wec. Do yourself a favor and learn about technique. Rampage did nothing with his pressing forward. In fact he got rocked and taken down. Machida by far had the most significant exchanges even if they were in the third.

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