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Doctors Missed Giant Gash On Phil Davis’ Leg In UFC 123 Post-Fight Examination

If you had a two-inch gash on your leg, you’d at least notice it, right? Well, Phil Davis didn’t following his “Wonderful” submission victory over Tim Boetsch at UFC 123 last weekend, and neither did the doctors who examined him post-fight. He’s not sure how he got it or how he and the doctor missed it, but he’s glad he found it before he left the arena.

“I have no idea. I just kept kicking, and I would not stop kicking, and if I felt like he was going to kick, I kicked him first,” Davis told MMAWeekly Radio about his lack of knowledge about the injury or how it happened.

“This is how bad it didn’t hurt… it didn’t hurt at all. You walk off the stage, and the doctor’s like, ‘does anything hurt?’ I’m like, ‘no bro, I feel awesome, I just won.’ Then you go into the back and the doctor’s ask again like, ‘is anything hurt?’ They sit you down; they’re checking you out. I missed it, the UFC doctors missed it, and we saw a little blood trickling, but neither I nor the doctor had any idea it was as bad as it was.”

“Thank God I didn’t go home like that. Knowing me being me, I wouldn’t have gotten medical attention right away and I would have gangrene and I’d probably lose my foot or something. Not even joking. It was cut all the way to the bone. It was about two inches to maybe two and a half inches long,”

Davis said he discovered the cut right before the Penn-Hughes fight started. It took 36 stitches to close.

Images via MMA Weekly

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    • Efrain

      steve does a great job!! umm boxing idk man lol

  • Steve Barry

    Thanks for the props guys. Sorry though Big D, I’m not sure which boxing sites are good. I don’t really follow it.

  • Big D

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    Lack of knowledge wow what a racist slur smh

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  • Beefo

    It’s hardly a “Giant Gash”, if you had a 2″ penis, would you call that “Giant”?
    This looks more like modest cut, you’re kinda over selling a bit. However, I’m sure it wasn’t a pleasant experience what so ever. An embarrassing oversight for the attending physician, I’m sure.

    • Steve Barry


      • Berezansky

        If i had a 2 inch cut that went down to my bone just appear on my leg I’d most likely tell all my friends I had a giant gash on my leg.

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