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Brock Lesnar Kills Huge Deer, Carries It On His Back

A devastating loss to Cain Velasquez didn’t stop Brock Lesnar from heading out into the wilderness and doing what he loves the most — hunting. I’m not sure what the story is behind these pictures, but clearly Brock shot a really big deer and he’s pretty damn happy about it. The funny thing is hunters usually have a way of transporting the animal, especially the larger ones, back to camp with something like an ATV or pick-up truck. Not Brock. He puts it in a bag and carries it on his back.

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  • Berezansky

    That’s some Rocky IV shit.

  • sam snee

    g’damn, i can see him looking at the deer and saying “you vill lose”

  • Mike Stancato

    First off, ytat is pretty impressive. That dear is easily over 250lbs!!! Second. The dear in photo one is different the the one shown in photo 2. Meaning Brock hunted down two very well sized dears this day! Wonder if they went down within the first round? =D

  • i like sexy time

    Yes Mike Stancato is right its not the same dear. If you look at the horns on the first photo and compare them to the third photo they are different. Which means its a trick to make himself look a hard man but is still yet a pussy that cant take a punch!

    • michael chimique

      i’m not a brock lesnar fan but calling someone who gets in the octagon and yes he lost but at least he gets in there calling him a pussy over the internet is hypocritical because you are saying because you know he can’t see what you are saying

      • Yusuf

        true… you don’t have to like him, but you gotta give credit where credit is due!

    • http://google That Guy

      Another case of some idiot commenting on something he knows nothing about. He’s not trying to fool anyone. He’s wearing the exact same clothing… im sure he shot 2 DIFFERENT deer on the same hunt. Of course they are different braniac….one is a Whitetail and the other is a Mule Deer. Brock probably went on a guided hunt in which he probably received (1) whitetail tag, and (1) mule deer tag (extremely common for guided hunts in North America. Either way, thats a LOT of weight he’s carrying through the snow… there’s not trick jackass…’re just an idiot.

  • anon

    smart guy..if he falls backwards the antler could end up through his head.

  • BreakUrNeck

    oh they cut them up and quarter them into’s not the whole deer. Plus that looks like a mule deer..they’re typically a lot larger than your regular whitetail deer.

    • Steve Barry

      Yeah, that’s what I figured. Makes for a better story though if we pretend he’s trekking through the snowy mountain terrain with a animal twice his size on his back.

  • mikie

    i would like to know how they would compact an animal that large into a bag that small. Pretty sure its just the antlers in the bag.

  • smh

    Animal killer huh and all y’all comments above me happy he killed a animal o but its ok to lock micheal vick up when he kills an animal yeah congrats brock u killed a living creature

    • http://mmaconvert pygmachia

      Yeah Moron, what you don’t eat do know someone kills and butchers it right..Brock’s just cutting out the middle men..GET A GRIP

    • Flexufc

      No kidding! For one most hunters eat what they harvest. Two havent you ever heard of the Hunters feeding the Hungry program? Oh ya… how can you compare Brock and Vick? Brock is a hunter which eat’s his kill (hunting is legal still right)? Vick was Illegally Dog fighting for one, two vick didn’t eat the Dog.

    • Bobo19

      If u eat it it’s fine

  • BreakUrNeck

    they just cut off the meat…leave the bones mostly..legs and when you gut lost about 50% of the weight..when you de-bone it the usual rule is you lose another 50% of the weight. so if it’s a 250 lb deer…field dressed/gutted probably about 165 lbs..take the meat off and the head..100 lbs total to carry.

    • Bobo19

      Not really you gut it at home you will get in trouble if you just leave bones there you would know that if you hunt!!!

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  • Johnny813

    Wow! That deer is huge but Brock carrying it on his back is amazing! Thanks for sharing these pics.

  • sandman

    He still got his ass beat by Velasquez…

  • gunit

    I dont see what that deer has to do with cain velasquez. It appears that lesnar likes other sports too.

  • Bobo19

    Not really you gut it at home you would know if you r a hunter!!!

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  • miguel

    i love how he has that slash scar below his eye… a reminder for life that a latino f ck d him up

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