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Fedor Emelianenko: If I Never Fight In The UFC, They Will Be Sorry, Not Me

Fedor Emelianenko tells FightHubTV’s Marcos Villegas that if he never fights in the UFC before his career ends, “the UFC will be sorry, not me.” Something tells me the only ones who are going to be sorry are the fans.

  • breakurneck

    I’m only sorry I didn’t see his ass tap out live on TV.

  • sandman

    For a guy who fights once a year, he sure gets a lot of media attention. Does anybody rally care about him anymore?

    • someone

      I used to, not anymore…

  • Svern

    Because he’s the best, period. If you actually fight this way, you know everyone gets caught. Werdum is avoiding the rematch, not Fedor. Surgery doesn’t prevent signing of contracts, dates can be set later.

  • Brian M

    Fedor is an overrated douche who rarely fights, and when he does fights easy opponents so he can keep his false image as a champion alive. He’s afraid to join the UFC where he’d actually have to fight more often, and better opponents. I for one am glad they never gave him a shot – he doesn’t deserve it.

    He can stay king of the minor leagues.

  • Gregg J

    Seriously saying Fedor is over-rated has been old since crocop lost in the UFC. He got comfortable and gave up a triangle choke for whatever reason, he’s avoided BJJ like that before, shit happens. He’s still the tubbiest russian to knock people senseless in a weight class he doesn’t belong in.

  • Ron

    Man I can not believe this guy….he would get his ass kicked SO FAST in the UFC it would not even be funny…actually it would be a riot! I really do not think any serious MMA fans give a rats ass if he EVER steps in the ring again. They know as I already stated, he would get beat FAST in the UFC. Several fighters would cream his dopey ass. What a joke, I am one MMA fan that will be glad when the media stops following him around waiting for him to man up and fight somebody…..I hope he has lots of money saved cause his time is very limited as is, without all the BS, I will only fight on my own terms crap he slings…….

  • dave

    fedor will bust heads in the ufc! whos gonna stop him? lesnar? lol only person with a chance to stop fedor in ufc would be dos santos… for lesnar to be champion at all, discredits the entire heavyweight in ufc…

    • Tony

      LMAO!!! Why the fuck did you even bring up Lesnar? Lesnar got his ass kicked recently by Cain, so wouldn’t it be more relevent to have him fight the current champ instead of talking about shit that was being compared last year/earlier this year??? Oh yea, I forget… Fedor fans are just fucking retarded & blindly him & make every excuse in the book for him b/c “He’s a MMA GOD!!!” Just shut up & go suck his dick!!!

  • Ali


    Check out Fedor vs Randellman THEN tell me he will get his knocked out so fast in the UFC lol. Randellman hit Fedor with probably the most beautiful suplex on TV, right on his head, and Fedor just submitted him a minute later.
    here’s the video:

    I don’t know how well he would do in the UFC, but the statement that ‘he would just get creamed’ is hyperbole.

  • Tony

    Uuuuhhhhh, NO Fedor… The UFC will be & continue to be successful & It’s you will miss out b/c seriously, how many ppv do you sell & the UFC has done extremely well without you & your bs!!! The problem is people care about you, you are ranked as one of the top fighters ever, BUT you make, or let the people in charge of you make shitty choices for you & as of lately only fighting low tier compitetion!!! So, wake up every morning & tell yourself whatever it is that you have to cause you really are finishing your legacy in a bad way!!!

  • http://MMACONVERT wayne


  • Dorothy Willis

    How misguided you poor young fan-boys are! Too bad you were born after the Cold War and don’t have the sense God gave a goose. Fedor will alway reign as the best. Sorry guys.

    • Your Fat Mother

      @ Tony and Ron and Sandman..You are all a bunch of fairy wankers who know fuck all about anything let alone mma..u must b all american over weight fat kids..who i would love to kick in the teeth on behalf of Fedor..he is better that any american burger eating low life..its only american people that dis people this way..its obvoius your diet is getting the better of you, you bunch of assholes..go do some push ups fat boys..and remember this fat boys, Fedor owns his own mma promotion company called M1 Global…so he makes more money not fighting in the there is your answer why he is not at the UFC, but u fat boys did not know this Huh huh????

      • Tony

        Look here wanker, or you fagget english fuck… first of all I’m not fat & I’m well aware of M1 Global, so uh, yea, you english prick!!! And btw, I’d be more than happy to kick your your teeth in also but you probably don’t have any b/c you suck Fedor’s dick so much so I guess that I’ll just have to kick your ass instead!!! So tell me this then, WHY is it that Fedor IS fight low tier compitetion?? If he’s so “the man” then why is he chicken shit to come over to the UFC? Go ahead, make your stupid excuse for him like the good little Fedor bitch you are… Dumbass!!

    • Your Fat Mother

      At Dorothy, totally agree with you..

    • Tony

      I have no doubt that he will reign as the best, but let’s be honest, all you ever hear about is his days in Pride when he WAS the best & every Fedor fan seems like they’re hanging on to the past!!! We don’t have to agree, but he shouln’t be called the best NOW when he is avoiding top compitetion!!! A fighter that is being called the best should absolutely fight the best!! I’m not saying that UFC has all the best fighter’s, So why should Fedor avoid going over & proving he is the best? (please don’t bring up contract reason’s for I know of this)

  • Big D

    Fedor would clean out the UFC. He just needs to get away from Mafia M-1 and sign a deal with ufc.

  • serge

    what Fedor says is a truth. He is technically and fighting will wise the best HW fighter. He is also fighting not in his weight class and unlike BJ Penn he is successful.
    He is also number 8 best earning Russian sportsman , earning over a $1 million a year and cannot be treated like Dana has treated him always since Pride days, with disrespect.
    If he nevers fights in UFC it is a huge loss for fans. There is no one in the UFC HW who is on the same MMA level as Fedor.

  • pogodog7

    Who cares? Fedor has always been an over-rated fat boy. He couldn’t go 5 rounds if his life depended on it. I can only see him fighting to be first in line for a Philly Cheese-Steak, fries and a shake.

  • serge

    Pogodog7, I do not blame you as you are very wet behind your ears and still have milk on your lips from mom’s tit.
    If you cannot remember Fedor going 5 rounds you should check him fighting Cro Cop for example. Video is available. Body fat doe snot mean nothing in this business. A lot of ripped guys do not deserve to suck Fedor’s dick.
    Fedor is the smallest HW fighter in the world, even smaller than Randy and he has beaten guys who were biugger and stronger than him many times.
    Another reason why Fedor did not go much for 5 rounds is that he simply finished almost all of them. Practically every fight he fought ended with his victory via submition or TKO/Ko in the first round. You can blame him for this of course, meanwhile GSP, who is a great fighter struggles to finish even one fight being very large welter weight and having size and strength advantage. doe sit say anything to you? I doubt as you are too young my friend and your brain does not function the way it should for an adult mature person.

    • G_mann

      Um smaller than randy? hahahahaha have u ever watched either guy fight? randy is 220 soaking wet and fedor walks around at 240. also mike kyle is quite a bit smaller as well. He’s average size for the heavyweights man

  • G_mann

    I hate to say this but fedor is THE most over rated fighter to ever walk in the cage! He has only fought once a year for the past 3 years and lets face it, he didnt exactly fight the worlds best back in PRIDE. He fought a few good guys but I feel if he came to the ufc he would simply be a gatekeeper. Its probably in his best interest to stay in strikeforce, beat up a couple mediocre fighters and retire before people realize how over rated really is.

  • serge

    Fedor is 230 lbs. But He is fat. I have seen him and Randy side by side. randy is taller guy and he is lean while fedor is chubby. Naturally Fedor is LHW or even MW.
    Fedor fought the best of the best of that time, he also beat Andrei and Silvia when those 2 were top 5 fighters. UFC fan boys are running this place and few have real understanding of what MMA is. Fedor is good at everything while UFC big boys are good only at one or another thing, no one is a complete fighter like Fedor is.
    Had Fedor moved to UFC just after Pride fell, he would have been UFC champ. Who can argue with this? He beat the best UFC HW guys of that time in Andrei and Silvia and who else could stand up to him? Mir? Lesnar? are you kidding? go and suck Dana’s tit fun boys, you know nothing of MMA. Just watch what game Fedor has. Can you compare him to UFC pussy champs like Lesnar? Being 300 lbs he must have been unbeatable over there fighting guys half his size but all of UFC fans were arguing how great Lesnar is. Lesnar is finished and will never be a champ again. no one of the current UFC HW fighters will last more than another 2-3 years then they all will be forgotten cause they are nothing but UFC invention. No one is a complete fighter without what you cannot last. Seen a lot over 15 years of watching MMA.

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