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Junior dos Santos ‘Outraged’ Over Cain Velasquez’s Shoulder Injury

“I’m really outraged. How does a person leaves a fight versus Brock Lesnar in perfect physical condition and then get hurt without being in training? The last news I heard about Velasquez, he was riding in Mexico. How did he get injured? I’m in the best moment of my career, training heavily and working hard to put on the fight of my life, and all of a sudden, this is postponed for eight months. That’s unfair… I’m five months without fighting, fighting is my life, not just because I love doing it, but also because I need to fight for a living. I don’t make as much money as the top fighters, so I really need to work… Of course it would be fantastic to face Velasquez at ‘UFC Rio’, in August, but I can’t keep myself one year away from the Octagon only waiting for his recovering… so I do think what would be most fair, would be Dana gives me the opportunity to fight for an interim belt.”

— Junior dos Santos venting to Portal Vale Tudo (translated via Fighter’s Only) about Cain Velasquez’s shoulder injury

It’s definitely a tough break for JDS. He had his title shot lined up only to have it taken away by the injury bug that has a tendency to bite at the most unfortunate times in this sport. I doubt it would make him feel better but Velasquez’s trainer did say it happened during the Lesnar fight. They just chose to keep it under wraps until they got a clear answer on the severity of the injury, which they didn’t find out till last week.

I know JDS wants a belt, but there’s really no point to an interim title if Velasquez is only going to be out 6-8 months. It sucks, but it looks like JDS is gonna have to win one more fight before he gets his shot at UFC gold.

Image via Sherdog

  • i like sexy time

    He needs a fight against someone who can just keep him buy until cain gets better. So he`ll probably want someone whos okay like Heath Herring or Travis Browne which hes got around 80% or 90% of winning. Instead of someone like Shane Carwin or Nogueira that could put him away. Or even the winner of Cro Cop and Brendan Schaub.

    • Jd

      He wouldnt fight nogueira anyway cuz he trains with him

  • lou

    Lets see Mir coach against Dos Santos and then fight, that would a good match up and buy time for Cain to heal.

    • i like sexy time

      Good idea lou but i think Mir would get screwed in the first round.

  • Lou

    That’s why it be good for JDS

  • Wlad

    3 things:
    – I like JDS, a bit skinny, but he’s a very very talented and smart fighter with a bright future
    – making money is almost impossible in ufc, dana is the worst capitalist asshole on the planet, and the amount of young-have-no-education-but-wanna-fight kids is vast, so this dictates the price. I am curious if apart from shareholders anyone can earn decent money and build a stable future in ufc.
    – now he can fix his left ear, shouldn’t cost that much in brazil

  • Matt Silliman

    Dana is a capitalist? ask Brock lesner or Rampage or Chuck or and number of fighters these days.

    People loose site of the fact that even low level fithers make 7-8 thousand a fight, plus the chance to win even more with bonuses, plus advertisements. Even making 8 thousand a fight and fighting 4 times a year you are making 32K plus advertisement and any bonuses.

    It’s still a young sport and Dana is doing what’s best to make it last. If he started paying people what football players or baseball players make he would lose money. Anyone who enjoys this sport should be a fan of Dana, his vision is bringing this sport to mainstream.

    • Wlad

      hey Matt,
      a top 20 fighter in K-1 earns 30-50K a fight. Big fat gloves so no bad eye/brain damage, no BJJ so no broken bones and torn ligaments. 8K for a fight? C’mon. It is not in a relation to a health-risk in octagon. Loose 2 fights and Dana quits your contract: cheap cheap to get compared to 4.6 (ufc124) million live gate.

      • Ken

        How many top 20 UFC fighters make 8K? Most of the top fighter make 25K or more. Do entry level K-1 fighters make 30-50K?

  • Alex

    You Know who JDS needs to fight for gold? Alistair Overeem lol but we’ll never see that (Plus I think JDS will probably get knocked out). Just throwing my cents in!

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