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James Toney Calls Rampage Jackson A ‘Joke,’ A ‘Fraud’ And A ‘Clown’

I saw the little video. It’s comical; that motherf—– sound like Lady Gaga in that video. He is a joke. If he really want to do it, all he gotta do is call me. He knows my number; he got it. Don’t act brand new motherf—–. He talking about he gonna do this and do that. He went to Detroit and he barely survived; he f— with me he ain’t coming out alive. I promise you that. He says I’m barking up the wrong tree? Motherf—–, I will piss on your tree. He just got to get his balls up and we can do this. It took him a month to reply to my first statement because he had to let his balls get bigger and let them fake motherf—–s he hang around gas him up (laughing). Rampage is a clown man. Sign a contract and we can do it. It ain’t nothing but a word. When you talk about challenging the heavyweight champion of the world to a fist fight, you gotta have big nuts. He got little, mini nuts. This is some real shit I do. He just signed his death threat right there. I’m telling you, I will f— him up. What I do is real. This ain’t no game boy… He will fight however they tell him to fight because he’s a company man and a fraud. He better make all the videos he wants to and listen to some rap music in the background because that’s as close as he will come to being a gangsta. I’m not even worried about that. Until he gets in my face talking that bullshit, we ain’t got no problem. He talk that shit to me and he gonna get hurt because I don’t play games. I doubt he will though. Rampage don’t have no balls. Everybody got a plan until they get hit, so Rampage, you digging a hole for yourself if you think you gonna stand with me for even a second. If Rampage got the balls to get in my face in the street…which I highly doubt it because nobody in the UFC did it. They supposed to be so big and bad, but they were all cool and I respect that. I don’t start nothing, but I will finish it… I’m going to make him look like the joke that he is. He is a clown!

—James Toney, via Fight Hype, addressing Rampage Jackson’s response video

This beef between Rampage Jackson and James Toney is starting to make Rampage and Rashad Evans look like best friends. I’m not gonna lie, I would be somewhat interested to see Rampage stand and bang with Toney. I’m betting the UFC won’t go for it though.

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  • Berezansky

    This is clearly Toney trying to get another UFC fight.

  • JNC

    If you read everything Toney’s saying and think back to the Couture fight he just begins to look dumber and dumber. it didnt work the first time and unless Rampage is truly gonna do only stand up it wont work this time.

  • i like sexy time

    This guy is just out to get paid. His last fight with Randy he was talking the same smack but he got $500,000 for more than GSP gets plus he lost in the first round. That money was taken from him from the IRS because of unpaid taxes and his promoter cant get him anymore boxing matches. They should throw this guy out and give him a new show called Talking Shit.

  • smh

    Bro gsp gets a million a fight plus show money

    • Adam

      Smh: Are you serious? GSP gets a million a fight? Do you know anything about MMA, or for that matter the UFC? GSP would be lucky to get 250,000. Liddel, Dana White’s right hand man in the fight game only gets 500,000.

      • Steve Barry

        GSP makes at least a million/fight with his pay-per-view revenue sharing bonus. Only his show/win money is disclosed to the public though.

        • Jimbo

          Also you can believe that guy makes bank off his sponsors on fight night sure he is walkin away after pay per view buys and sponsors with some heavy pockets

    • i like sexy time

      Bro i checked the payouts and bonuses after every ufc fight on 2 web sites he got more! BRO!

  • http://google champ of dance

    yeah james toneys gonna fuck rampage up just like he did couture! lmao jk yeah fuckin right

  • Angel

    Maaaan Toney talking shit rampage will mess this little fat fuck up this ain’t boxing buddy if you go down there is no 10 count rampage going to knock some fat off

  • Bigcity

    Toney is going to destroy Rampage, and after he gets done doing that he will avenge his loss to that punk Coture.

    • i like sexy time

      Bigcity you know fuck all about mma so go back to eating your Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Dumbass!

    • Logan

      Can you say something that makes sense? He will never avenge that loss to Couture. Period. You know why? Because after the beating Couture gave him before he tapped out using the back of his hand, the UFC will never let him fight again in their company. Rampage would rock this dude anyways. Toney is old and fat. Plus what Toney is saying is bull how noone stepped up. Vitor Belfort wanted to box him in the UFC without grappling and all that jazz. If the UFC wouldnt bring him to box, why would they ever let him get embarassed again in a MMA fight.

  • get_right

    @bigcity apparently being retarded is cool now, good for you. seriously though, i’m glad they typed this out because if it had been a vid of toney saying it, no one would be able to understand him. toney, your a boxer. stop trying to be a mma star cuz you suck!

  • hardkicka

    MMA is essentially street fighting, i dont see how Jamey Toney thinks a boxer would have an upperhand in a street fight where no rules apply, boxers are one dimensional whereas an MMA fighter that thinks smart would simply work on a takedown and then finish the boxer off easy on the ground…dejavu anybody?

  • MIke

    I’d pay to see Rampage knock the marbles out of this delusional loser’s mouth. Everything he says is so stupid, someone needs to sit him in front of a tv playing his UFC fight on infinite replay. Pathetic has-been.

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  • tough juice

    i know james toney can ko rampage if they stand. but as soon as rampage thought he was in danger he d shoot in. if they do it make him stand. other way its just a waste of everyones money.

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  • sandman

    Toney is the joke! He couldn’t back up any of the shit he talked in his fight against Couture. He absolutley does not belong in MMA…

  • Scottk2

    james toney is a joke ,rampage is 1 of the best fighters in mma history,im a 12 stone man and ill tell ya ill kick the fuck out of james toney no problem at all

  • Scottk2

    james toney is a joke ,rampage is 1 of the best fighters in mma history,im a 12 stone man and ill tell ya ill kick the fuck out of james toney no problem at all

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