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Big Nog: JDS Will Look For A Knockout Against Brock Lesnar

As for Lesnar, he doesn’t kick, so Cigano will not need to train too much defensive Muay Thai, as he was training for Cain, he can now rely more on training offensive Muay Thai. And this is the type of fight where he’ll look for the KO, train a lot of wrestling, train the guard because he could end up falling underneath (Lesnar), even though Lesnar’s GnP is not as good as Cain’s. But (Cigano) will look for the KO in this fight.

—Junior dos Santos’ mentor, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, talking to PVT (translated via BE) about JDS’ upcoming fight against Brock Lesnar

JDS undoubtedly has the hands to knock out Brock Lesnar but the question is, can he stay on his feet long enough to do it? JDS has shown some solid takedown defense but he doesn’t have the wrestling credentials Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin have. This is a dangerous fight for JDS.

Image via Sherdog

  • JoshuaMMA

    Dangerous? no. A fight he could lose? yes.

  • Leo

    My gut feeling tells me JDS will lose this fight!
    Let the battle begin…

  • Voice of Reason

    Anyone surprised that JDS is the favorite for this fight?

    • Leo

      No I’m not surprised. What Cain did to Brock hurt his odds of wining..especially now that he’s going up against possibly the best hands in the heavyweight division…
      I think people are under estimating Brock
      Should be good..

  • sandman

    This is a tough one to call. JDS dominated Nelson, who isn’t the mountain Lesnar is, but couldn’t put him away. Lesnar has no chin, so that could be a different story. The flip side is if Lesnar gets it to the ground will JDS be effective???

  • alex

    can wait to see that big giant Macaco monkey hit the floor falt on his face . JDS al da way by ko this is big for him that would put him on the map as probably the best puncher in MMA.

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    • bobbylee

      ya and brock has never faced a fast or tenical striker as JDS. Shane was by far most powerful striker by JDS goes for the chin and alot more often than not lands. Its no secret brock can only win if he can get takedown but even the best wrestlers who are one dimesional can be stop, just look at past fights, matt huges had no chance standing against bj showed that in couple seconds we saw him try and stand, even gsp couldn’t keep kos down when he went for takedowns, or Jake shields vs martin who did amazing job stopping Jake takedowns considering he was not known for takedown defense.Jds also has the best chin by far that brock will face and decent cardio to go full speed if need for two full rounds. The real question is whether brock will curl up in ball again or finally get Ko.I can only see this tko/ko JDS first or second round.

  • Fightfan

    Brock’s GnP isn’t as good as Cain’s?, did Nog forget about what Lesnar did to Frank Mir’s face, the same Frank Mir that stopped Nog? It’s a sound bet that Cigano will end up underneath Brock, Brock is the highest caliber wrestler that he has ever fought and we have yet to see him work off his back against someone like that. Cain was able to get back to his feet because he himself is a high level wrestler, JDS is a question mark in that area. This fight will be won or lost on how effectively JDS can stay vertical

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  • Alex

    Yeah, not sure how much I agree with fightfan. True that a brock takedown could spell trouble for JDS but I’ll bet that one of those uppercuts will catch Brock’s chin first.
    We already know the man doesn’t have a chin, so lets see what happens!

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