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The Shogun Rua vs. Jon Jones Pic That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this fired up about a fight. When Joe Rogan announce last night that Jon Jones would fight Shogun Rua for the title at UFC 128 it sent chills down my spine.

This picture sends chills down my spine.

What a pic. What a f—ing fight!!!

Props to Scott Peterson of MMA Weekly for the amazing pic and crazybones at BE for putting into words.

  • Lou

    wow Jones is a monster, and Rua looks in the moment up. oh ya I can feel the chills.

  • Berezansky

    That’s quite rad. Yes, I’m bringing rad back, and if you’re reading this you should join me in bringing rad back.

    • isaacwinton

      I Live in “perth” West-Australia and “RAD” never Went out my friend, its alive and well!

      ps. Jones VS Rua will be amazing.

    • andy

      Rad or not, this guy Jones is going to give shogun the fight of his life. 2nd round ko for Jones.

    • Jeanine

      I can dig it!

    • nomutharussia

      Take that USSR symbol down you idiot. The communists lost, and God willing, they will never see the light of day again.

  • Efrain

    Woooo! amazing pic!! i’m so excited for this fight and its coming in 6 weeks!!!! :D

  • http://google champ of dance

    shogun aint losing cuz hes a true champion

  • fred

    shogun’s gonna win fo sho

  • i like sexy time

    Jones is very good but has not had any fights against a top 5 guy. Shogun’s always been in top 5 and KO`d 16 of 19. Im sorry but jones is going down!

  • Matt Silliman

    I guess I will stand alone and say I think Jones wins the belt. I’m not sure what kind of chin Jones has, but I think he has more advantages in this fight. He’s faster, longer, and solid wrestling.

  • Pride fan

    Shugun looks like he has a really bad side to him in this picture.

    This fight reminds me of when Shogun fought Overeem in 2005. Jones has the same build as a young Overeem; I hope it plays out the same way!!

  • ara

    You listed three advantages.
    Speed, reach and wrestling.

    Shogun has the advantage in experience (in fighting in general, as well as in title fights), power, and jiu-jitsu, without question. He is also 10-0 in muay thai bouts, is both a UFC champion and Pride Grand Prix champion, and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu South American champion.

    I think the advantages are a lot more even than you think.

  • EL Goon

    Personally I believe all you have attained throughout your fighting career doesn’t mean a thing when every opponent is new, and every fighter is capable of getting knocked!! (Serra/GSP).. I know Shogun is one of the greatest fighters ever, but at the same time I know all the greats like Fedor had their start. My friends… we are in the age of JONES!

  • sandman

    I think jones has the advantage in several ways. I think Jones will win it…

  • jonah shedd

    idk about this one jones might have this one …. maybe wont know till shit goes downn!!!!

  • Miguel Pereira


  • kino

    Jon jones is gona destroy shogun hes de be fighter out there n he is beta dan shogun in al aspects 4 example hes faster stronger beter stand up beter everytin he wil man handle shogun in de same way dah e did tu every1 else he fought

    • 4forten

      Yeah but Shogun got beat by Forrest Griffin….Forrest F-ing Griffin…that was embarrassing.

    • aj

      hahahaa. youre funny man! but naw, SHOGUN is better.

    • Eric

      You obviously know nothing about MMA. Jon Jones is a newcomer. He’s young, he’s fired up, yes, but Shogun has extreme experience on his side. He fought in Pride since he was in his early 20s. He’s knocked out Rampage Jackson, he beat Alistair Overeem twice.

      Shogun has better Jiu-Jitsu, Shogun has impeccable Muay Thai, Shogun has IMPOSSIBLE stamina, Shogun is stronger, Shogun is probably faster.

      Everyone expected Machida to manhandle Shogun going into Shogun v. Machida 2. Look what happened.

      Shogun is going to take this fight, I don’t doubt it. I see PRIDE in Ruas eyes in this. WAR, SHOGUN. WAR.

      • EL Goon

        ERIC???… are you smoking crack? Shogun is in noooooo way faster or stronger than Jones. Come on dude.

  • shogunviasoccerkick


    English motha f#$%a, do you speak it?

  • Dos Santos

    @ Kino.

    Good God. Where did you learn to spell or even speak? “beter stand up” Does beter rhyme with Jeter? “beta dan shogun” Is this a test version of a combination of fighters Dan Henderson and Shogun Rua? Jesus. Mega FAIL!!!!

  • http://n/a Bill Burges

    I would love to see the winner of Jones/Rua get the winner of Machida/Couture.
    Does this register on the logic scale for anyone else?

  • Bill Burges

    I suspect that Rua will take Jones to school and prevail in their fight. And I am really looking forward to it. And I also lean towards Couture prevailing in his fight with Lyoto Machida. And I suspect it will be looked upon as an ‘upset’, of the magnitude of Couture’s win over Tim Sylvia, when no one gave him good chances of winning that one.

    If my hunches prove correct, that would set up a Couture/Rua showdown, and I think it would be really exciting to see if Randy could continue to defy his age and remain competitively close. I would root for Randy but I think his chances would be only 50/50. But he has defied the odds before. Let’s see how far he can take this thing! I’m rootin’ for Randy Captain America!!!

    • http://n/a ripdeezel

      Bill..Randy has either more or less than a 50/50 shot. To say 50/50 is to say he will win or he won’t. That’s life in general..isn’t it? Everything either happens or it doesn’t. I would like to see Randy win over Machida but I think Machida will be too evasive for Randy’s speed. 70/30 Machida.

      • Bill Burgess

        I understand. I didn’t express myself well. What I was trying to say is that I give Couture a good chance to win. Everything I read is that Randy is too old for the young generation. I think Randy Couture is NOT too old, NOT too slow, NOT too dated. If Randy beats Machida, and maybe Jon Jones later on, I hope that proves that he (Couture) is an age-defying freak, and should not be discounted on age alone.

        And yes, I know that others who were younger could not do MMA any longer. Ken Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Bas Rutan, Royce Gracie, Tank Abbot, Evan Tanner, Phil Baroni, Tito Ortiz, Don Frye, and lots of others deteriorated in their skill sets. But Couture alone has shown he is a one-in-a-million case.

        Alright, then. You can all blast me now. I expect it.

    • buttseks

      youre obviously old. the youth prevail! jon jones wins!

  • http://none big j

    Jon Bones Jones will be Champion you wait n see

    • aj

      yea but not now. once he gets more experience.

      • jesusucks

        HAHA! jones won

  • angel

    Epic pic! Shogun is like “I’m gonna beat this fools ass!” lol. Jones is a real competitive fighter, but Shogun got this one in the bag ! Jones to get KOd in the 2nd or 3rd round… just like Machida!

    • Jewkido

      Jones jones jones!

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  • Bonerman

    I just want to see Jones’s chin tested. He’s barely been hit in his fights I have seen. I think Jones is fantastic, but I really want to see the champ keep his belt. That belt has been a little bit like Tito’s wife before she retired.

  • aj

    I like Jones, but dont compare him to SHOGUN please. Mauricio Rua has a history and a name to back him up. This will definetly be a good fight though. Bones has the mentality for a future Champion but not now.
    p.s. Mixed Martial Arts have been around longer than the UFC has (for those that dont know about the sport and like to judge without knowledge). learn your MMA dawgs!

  • fingerssfv

    This will be one brutal fight! Jon Jones is about to show the world just how dangerous an opponent he truly is, in facing Mauricio Shogun Rua. Rua IS the best at 205, especially when he is in shape. Jones runs through all his opponents, but when he faces Rua, he will be running into a brick wall. Let’s see how he fares against a brick wall, eh? This fight will probably be the most popular and “in demand” bout in the history of the UFC, in my opinion. Although Jones has yet to show flaws, Rua is champ for a reason, but Rua is old school, while Jones is Pepsi Generation. They train and fight in different worlds; completely different fighting styles and training methods, with this new technology, but we’ll see…

  • ryan

    Shogun to beat jones!! Jones hasn’t had a real test in a fight yet and shougun is the best fighter in 205 I think jones should have fought either the winner of couture/machida or rampage/silva before he was even considered for a title shot. Jones is good and I’ve always said that the only person that would be able to take the title from shogun is jones but not right now he’s no where near experinced enough and as far as the winner of couture/machida getting a shot at the title its stupid machida has lost two in a row one fight shouldn’t put him in line for a title shot and couture hasn’t been fighting good enough fighters to earn it. It deffinatly should be the winner of rampage/silva both are coming of wins even though rampages win was not deserved in my eyes

  • Joe

    This just goes to show you how many newb MMA fans there are, you people seriously think Jones is just going to walk through Rua? pshhh….I’ll believe if it ever happens…..which it most likely will NOT! and @ElGoon, Yes Shogun probably is faster AND stronger than Jon “chicken legs” Bones Jones

  • metalkq

    i see a focused shogun and a distracted bones…

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