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Report Suggests Anderson Silva Was Using Steven Seagal For Publicity, Not Training

Anderson Silva sparked an intense debate amongst mixed martial arts fans this past week after he credited his fight-ending front kick to former action movie star/Aikido master Steven Seagal. Some thought it was a legitimate claim while others thought it was an absolute joke.

Well, if this report from PVT Mag is accurate, the disbelievers were correct. The report basically suggests the Silva camp, or more specifically his manager, came up with the idea to use Seagal to get Anderson more publicity in the American media. Via MiddleEasy:

“The declaration of the champion Anderson Silva (Seagal helping him with the amazing kick) was contemplated with humor by the fans, who knows that the actor was at most twice with the Brazilian.

The approach between the two was actually a marketing maneuver planned by the agent of Anderson, Jorge Joinha, to give more visibility to it’s champion in the American media. The plan worked very well in the first stage, the problem was in the wrong dose and reached the absurdity of assigning a brilliant victory by the biggest name in the MMA of all time to a “Master of Hollywood” who never climbed in the ring. The worst of all is that Seagal, perhaps influenced by some of his films, believed and even stated in several interviews after the fight that “He (Anderson) did everything the way i taught him and made me very proud”. For God’s sake…”

If that was the case, then I have to say their plan worked. The Seagal story was all over the internet and apparently even made it on ESPN’s Rome is Burning show.

Image via Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

  • Leo

    Somebody owes Lou an apology.

    • Lou

      HAHA thanks Leo thats fucken great. Is this where I supposed to tell everyone I told you so?

  • Eddie

    I really don´t care that much, cause Anderson still did hell of a good job in the fight with Vitor. But for those who knows Anderson´s career, we´re sure he wouldn´t take the credits of his coaches to have his publicity with Seagal. And, please, stop being childish, because no matter how great can be a coach, his credits are always indirectly, because the fighter who executes the strike is the real responsible for the success.

    • aj

      dude im with you on this!

  • Lou

    Do I even need to say anything?

  • Isaacwinton

    It seems a little odd that the (arguably) best fighter in the UFC requires a washed up Hollywood star to boost his fanbase and popularity. I find the idea of using seagal as a tool for that more obscene than the idea of him actually teaching a technique to silva – the guy is barely famous anymore.

  • Matt Silliman

    I guess that explains why they made videos of the training. If they did this as a publicity stunt to get attention to Anderson, why reveal that tonthe public and make seagal and yourself look foolish?

    I’m sure we will hear more in this before it is over. Although for now it appears as though LOU was correct about seagal not teaching him the kick. However you thought seagal was using this to boost his fame and it appears that it was the other way around. How would have guessed that a fighter at the top of his game would think to need an actor who is out of the movie business to get attention. Crazy, you think he’d have used chuck Norris if he really wanted to turn some heads. Maybe that’s what Charl should do, make a video of him and chuck Norris training.

    • Steve Barry

      This was more of a reporter leaking it, not their camp acknowledging it, hence why I present it as “this report suggests…” In other words, not 100% confirmed.

  • Steve Barry
  • Lou

    It was confirmed Mr. Barry sorry to burst your bubble and by reliable sources.

    • Steve Barry

      Not bursting my bubble. I frankly don’t give a shit either way. Where are these reliable sources? Got a link? I’ll do an update if it’s appropriate.

  • Lou

    MMA underground reports from Silva’s team and manager, take it easy pal no need to get hostel towards me I’d be mad at Seagal. I personally think it’s funny how many of you bought this bullshit story, thanks for the laughs. :)

  • Steve Barry

    I’m not getting hostile. Just asking for a link to the sources you speak of so I can make an update if it’s appropriate.

  • Jd

    Steves the man

  • Cc

    Steven segal is such a duche bag! Anderson much not watch much tv to realize he picked tge wrong person for publicity. Who’s next train with Jean Claude van damn?

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  • andersonsyourmom

    segal was kicking tail long befor ufc. credit where credit is due. i have seen it befor, marked for death, out for justice, the one where he is a cook, the list goes on and on. he is actually pretty bad for an old guy. i wouldnt try to take his wallet.

  • sandman

    Bottom line is Seagal is a dangerous martial artist. That aside, the front snap kick, such as that executed by Silva, is taught at every White Belt level of martial arts. I personally have learned it in five different styles at that level. The hoopla over this silly story and claim that it’s such a precision technique that an Aikdo master had to teach it to Silva to finish a fight is ludicrous…

  • Billdo

    So I guess the videos of them training together were fake? It’s not like Seagal was his coach, Anderson just wanted to add a few things to his arsenal. The kick WAS one of those things, and whether or not it is taught at the white belt level I’m sure Seagal has a bit of an edge with technique. Would you rather learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu from a Gracie or from someone else? I’m sure Silva could have pulled off the kick without Seagal’s help, but it is not ludicrous to think that learning the correct technique may have helped him actually knock him out with it.

    • sandman

      Obviously the videos are not fake, otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing the two working together. Silva himself said he has been using the kick for a long time. Nothing wrong with a little help from somebody as skilled as Seagal to elevate your fight game. All I’m saying is don’t get so caught up with a front snap kick knocking somebody out. It can be a devestating strike; we just don’t see it much. Give credit to Silva for surprising Belfort and winning the fight, period.

  • Rarghface

    Does anyone else have a vague memory of TUF with Big Nog versus Frank Mir, and Big Nog brought in Anderson Silva as a guest coach? I swear to GOD Anderson Silva showed the guys a front face kick.

    I also remember Anderson Silva being the only fighter in the first UFC game to be able to use the front face kick…

  • sandman

    It’s a basic kick, as are the rear kick and side kick. How much somebody actually trains with the kicks is another story. I’m simply saying that something as basic as that need not be taught by a legend. That’s like saying boxers train with different types of punches, whether it be a jab, hook, uppercut, etc., and if a guy gets knocked out with an uppercut that was taught to him by Rocky Marciano, is it less effective if he gets knocked out if it was taught to him be somebody else in the world of boxing??? Think about it…

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  • nhan

    Steve Barry u didn’t know anything. In fact, seagal teaches Silva something very hard to decribe, not the teachnique, but the way he think what make silva best.

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