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BJ Penn Fully Intends To Compete At Lightweight Again

“I just wanted to address something real quick. Yesterday [on the conference call] one of the reporters asked me if I was done fighting at 155 pounds and I said, ‘Dana wouldn’t let that happen’. I definitely believe that I’ll be fighting at 155 pounds again. So maybe I was a little miss quoted or maybe the quote came out wrong. But that’s not really important, what’s important is taking on Jon Fitch in Australia. He’s been the man for a long time at welterweight and that’s it, that’s the plan.”

—BJ Penn on clarifying his intentions to compete in the lightweight division again

There you have it, BJ Penn plans to fight at 155 again. The question is, when? Dana White said the Penn-Fitch winner will get the next welterweight title shot, so I assume BJ wouldn’t pass that up to move back down.

Speaking of the welterweight title picture, things are about to get awfully interesting if GSP beats Jake Shields and makes the jump to middleweight and leaves his belt behind. If that happens, who would fight the Penn-Fitch winner? BE’s Jonathan Snowden suggests a welterweight tournament which would be f-ing awesome, but the Zuffa-era UFC has never shown any interest in tournaments beyond The Ultimate Fighter reality show. I’d like to think all the interest in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix has opened their minds to the idea, but with Dana and co. you never know.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog

  • Leo

    I’m kinda in limbo here… Maybe Now is the time the new generation emerges and puts an end to veterans. I can’t say for sure but with the outcome of recent fights I have to say Fitch has a great chance of beating Penn. After all Penn did lose twice before getting a win over a veteran.
    Let’s just hope I’m wrong.

  • Berezansky

    Penn getting another crack at GSP is such a load of shit. I see Fitch winning this one in his classic gritty style.

  • http://om smh

    Agreed I think fitch wresling is far better then any wresler penn ever faced and he just goin to get tossed on the ground if it goes past the first round

    • sam snee

      Penn fought GSP twice, isnt GSP a better wrestler than Fitch? Still, exciting implications in this fight

  • warriordave927

    I doubt Dana would make a tournament happen since strikeforce is doing one right now,he wouldn’t want the #1 promotion in the world to take a page out of a minor league promotions least I think that would be what he would say.I agree tournaments would be awesome in the ufc with all the talented fighters that are in the ufc,it would establish true #1 contender.and sorry to get off topic but has anyone heard any new info about thiago silva drug test results

    • Steve Barry

      From what I understand one of his samples was positive and the other negative, so they’re retesting them. Those results are still pending.

      • warriordave927

        thanks i hope everything comes out clean for, him i was really looking forward to his fight with rampage as he is one of my favorite fighters,hope they put him in a good match if he is cleared.

        awesome site man always good coverage been following you for about 2 years now keep up the good work

        • Steve Barry

          Thanks for joining in the discussion. The more the merrier!

  • http://aim champ of dance returns

    leo fuck you because bj is going to destroy jon fitch and he will not lose to gsp again if they do fight! you talk shit on bj than you talk shit on me and i will ruin you! you mother fuckin piece of shit!

    • Leo

      Ignorance is bliss champ, and you my friend are one happy dude.

      • Berezansky

        If none of us reply to what he’s doing, he’ll stop this. Just don’t talk to him.

  • jmsdevils

    Wow champ RELAX – he was just stating a fact – im a big BJ fan (in my mind the biggest) but BJ has had a tuff time lately – i do think he will work over fitch – fitch likes to grind fights out and that will work to BJ’s advantage on the ground -BJ will sub him in the 2nd – oh and i hate to say this but bisping early tko!

  • Alex

    I wanna see BJ beat Fitch too, but I wouldn’t put any money on it! Then again it didn’t take him long to drop another great wrestler (Hughes). BJ’s inconsistency against good wrestlers will make for an interesting fight.

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  • sam snee

    oh snap*** a tournament would be f-ing awesome. Wow. GSP vs Silva, Jon Fitch would cream his pants if GSP left 170.

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