Site News: New Comment Policy & Commenting System

As continues to grow so does the volume of comments. Believe me what I say that nothing makes me happier than to see more people leaving comments on this site. One of my major goals with this site is to build a community full of people from around the country and the world who all share one common interest — MMA.

Of course, with the good comes the bad. I’ve noticed that the volume of hostile comments has increased in recent months and that recently came to a head. Things have died down since, and I thank you for that,  but I still think it’s important for this site to have a comment policy.

This policy will be adjusted accordingly as I see fit, but for now, I’m going to keep it very simple: Keep it civil.

If you disagree with someone, there’s a much better way to go about voicing your opinion than calling that person an “idiot”, “dumbass” or “retard.” This isn’t Xbox Live, or any other unmoderated online forum. I want everyone who visits this site to feel like they’re welcomed to join the discussion. Obviously, that’s impossible to accomplish if people are constantly hurling hostile, insulting comments at each other.

To be clear, I’m not interested in censoring anybody. It should go without saying that racist comments and the like won’t be tolerated, but besides that you’re free to discuss and debate whatever you like. All I ask is you keep the discussion reasonably mature. If you can’t do that, then please don’t comment. If you can’t do that, then you will be banned from further commenting.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Now onto a much a brighter note, I have implemented a new commenting system for all us to try out. I’ve been looking for a way to add new comment features for quite awhile, but it wasn’t until recently that I found a third-party application that quite fit everything I was looking for. Livefyre, the software that powers it, is currently in beta (there may be bugs here and there) and they plan on releasing new features in the coming months, but what I’m excited about now is the real-time functionality of the system. In other words, new comments will appear without having to refresh the page, allowing for a live discussion on stories instead of constantly checking back for new replies.

As far as commenting with Livefyre goes, you will be required to log in to comment. At the moment, you will have three options. You can log in via your Twitter or Facebook accounts, or you can register for a Livefyre account which is as simple as filling out your name, email address and creating a password below (not much more than you do when you commented before). I’m eventually going to implement site accounts either way, but assuming this works out, you’ll be able to use the site login as well for commenting. I know everyone hates change and having to create another internet account, but I wouldn’t ask you to do this if I didn’t think it would be beneficial for us all in the long-run.

If you have any questions, problems or want to learn about the new features, I recommend you check Livefyre’s FAQ’s on commenting and managing accounts because they’ll probably answer your questions better than I can at the moment (I’m learning this too). If you can’t find the answer to your question there and have trouble posting the question below, you can always hit me up on our contact page and I’ll do my best to get an answer for you.

Have at it guys. Mess around with it and let me know what you think!

  • JacobBerezansky

    Berezansky has officially tried it out.

  • SteveBarry

    You login via Facebook? Give you any trouble. Gave me a little but I think I got it.

    • JennaLanger

      @SteveBarry Hey Steve, Jenna from Livefyre here. Looks like it signing up worked for you! :) We’ll be making the sign-up process much smoother very soon, thanks for the feedback.

    • JacobBerezansky

      @SteveBarry Yeah, man I went through facebook. It literally took less than a minute.

    • SteveBarry

      @JennaLanger Thanks Jenn, will comments posted here from my facebook account get posted on Facebook?

    • SteveBarry

      @JacobBerezansky Nice, glad it wasn’t difficult. I know how you hate change ;)

    • JennaLanger

      @SteveBarry They will not post to your Facebook account automatically, but if you roll over the comment you’ll see the share button appear in the header of each comment. From there you can share the comment on Facebook or Twitter. If anyone has any questions about Livefyre feel free to contact us by clicking “comment help” at the top of the conversations or emailing support AT livefyre DOT com. We’re excited to be part of this community!

    • JacobBerezansky

      @SteveBarry Eh, what can you do. I’ve been on here since like the begining of 2007 man. It’d just be weird going anywhere else. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I misspell something it doesn’t give me sugestion on the correct word anymore… Jenn?

    • SteveBarry

      @JennaLanger Cool, thanks Jenn, I didn’t want it to to be honest, but the option is nice if people want to use it.

      Thanks for all your help! You guys have been incredibly supportive in helping me get this set up, and I really appreciate you offering help to the community too.

    • SteveBarry

      @JacobBerezansky it did that before?

    • JacobBerezansky

      @SteveBarry If you use firefox as your browser, it will underline mispelled words in red. It operates just like Microsoft Word.

    • SteveBarry

      @JennaLanger Oops, sorry Jenna, I just realized it’s Jenna, not Jenn, my bad.

    • SteveBarry

      @JacobBerezansky Oh, ok, I know what you’re talking about. Yeah, I don’t know.

    • JennaLanger

      @JacobBerezansky @SteveBarry The spellcheck not showing is a known bug that will be fixed with our next updates, thanks for the heads up. And no worries about the name :)

    • SteveBarry

      @JennaLanger Jenna, are you on the other end of the support email? I have a question for you.

    • JennaLanger

      @SteveBarry yes I am, or you can email me at jenna at livefyre dot com as well if it’s about something not support-related.

    • JennaLanger

      @SteveBarry Hey again Steve, this comment should send an email to your the email associated with @MMAConvert , let me know if it works! :)

    • SteveBarry

      @JennaLanger I’m sorry to say it did not Jenna. Still not getting them. I checked the settings on that account and it’s still set to “A lot”.

  • Danny_Trejo

    pretty neat my man

  • Danny_Trejo

    this livefyre seems pretty easy to use

  • Mattsilli

    I love the choice of Photo for this article, and I like this new commenting system.

  • Lou

    seesms cleaner, more professional looking

  • luckiethirteen

    Threw me off for a minute cause it posts newest to oldest now…

    • luckiethirteen

      Seems like the sites a bit slower now too…

    • SteveBarry

      @luckiethirteen Yeah, I think they’re going to add the option to flip it back around soon. I like it the other personally.

      It seems a little slower to me too, but I do have a slow connection. I’ll ask them about it.

    • SteveBarry

      @luckiethirteen They’re telling me they have new tech their rolling out on March 1 that should decrease load times.

  • JayKinser

    Best MMA site out there!!!

  • sam_snee

    the beginning of this article reminded me of fight instructions. “you know the rules. keep it clean, no low blows, now c’mon lets get it ON!”

  • bestcarins

    nice web thank you


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