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Fedor May Take His Training Camp To The Netherlands For His Next Fight (Update)

Everyone and their mother has suggested that Fedor Emelianenko needs to switch up his training camp if he wants to continue to compete at the highest levels of mixed martial arts. It seems Fedor agrees, because word is he will likely train in the Netherlands for his next fight. Evgeni Kogan first hinted at the possibility on Twitter, and Fighters Only followed up with more details.

Evgeni Kogan, a Europe-based executive with the Russian outfit, said today the former PRIDE FC champion would likely train in the Netherlands for his next camp, along with bringing in some US training partners.

Kogan revealed the news via Twitter but added some further details in an email to Fighters Only, including the news that Vinny Magalhaes would probably feature in Fedor’s next training camp now that he is signed to M-1.

Bringing in high-level BJJ experts would certainly be a plus considering jiu-jitsu proved to be his undoing in his last two fights, but I’m more curious about who the US training partners might be. Remember there was talk of Shane Carwin making the trip to Russia to train with Fedor. I don’t know if that’s who Kogan was referring to, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt for Fedor to train with a monster like Carwin who’s capable of taking him down, holding him there and pounding on him.

In other Fedor news, ESPN is reporting that the former heavyweight king will compete in a Russian combat sambo event this weekend despite the 90-day medical suspension he received for head strikes from the Silva. It’s unclear though if his participation will get him in any hot water with the NJACB.

Image via Showtime

Update: The NJACB says they’ve been assured Fedor will not compete in the combat sambo tournament.

NJSACB legal counsel Nick Lembo today told ( that Emelianenko’s camp has assured him the heavyweight won’t participate in a national sambo tournament to be held this weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“There was some confusion since it was the first time they were dealing with a commission-issued medical suspension, and the confusion surrounded whether the 90 days stays in effect if he provided a clear CT scan of the head and facial bones,” Lembo said. “He has provided the required CT scan, and that’s under medical review.”

“It’s my understanding that they are going to honor the suspension and he is not going to compete,” Lembo said.

Here’s a recent pic of Fedor. Looks like his eye is healing up quite nicely.

  • Warriordave927

    like you said training with bigger guys wouldnt hurt especially if he ever plans on fighting overeem,hopefully its true a revised training camp should do him some good after so many years at least you’d hope it does.

  • HLG

    Training with Shane Carwin would be a very wise move for Fedor, and one that both of them could greatly benefit from.

    • Warriordave927

      maybe carwin can tell fedor where he gets his roids from so that if fedor ever gets a rematch with antonio silva the playing level will be fair,jk

  • MMAConvert


    • MMAConvert

      ok so posting from an iPhone works, just looks a little funky. sorry for jumping off topic.

  • sam_snee

    Carwin would stomp Fedor. Carwin is still no.2 in the world. He will prove it in the next fight. People forget what he did to Lesnar, and they also forget that Velasquez learned from Shane’s defeat. But anyways, Fedor needs to go to light heavyweight. for sure. Fedor vs Hendo after hendo takes the 205 belt. WHAT WHAT WHAT!

    • sandman

      @sam_snee Carwin definitely put a beating on Lesnar, but do you think he has the cardio to last with the likes of Fedor, who has proven to be very resilent (with more weapons than Lesnar)?

    • sam_snee

      @sandman well, thats the question. it’s true that he punched himself out last time against lesnar, but is that the same as cardio failure. Anyone, including work horses like forrest griffin and clay guida could punch themselves out. Its not the same as running out of gas. If one isnt cardio fit, they arent getting enough oxygen in the blood. With punching out, youre muscles release acid into the fibers to keep you from moving. Carwin had accute acidosis from punching himself out. He said he could barely lift his arms at the beginning of round 2. SO, my point, finally is this: did Carwin learn a lesson (an obvious one at that). Yet i agree his cardio has never been proven. If Fedor were to fight Carwin, i think the longer the fight went on the better Fedor would do, but man it would be a rough first five minutes

    • sandman

      @sam_snee Well put. I’ll agree with that…

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