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Jon Fitch Feels Like He’s Chasing BJ Penn’s Ghost

“It’s like chasing a ghost almost, hearing stories about a guy you’ve never gotten to work with or train with or anything. When I first came to AKA was shortly after B.J. had left, and everybody who had trained him or trained with him was still around, and he was a pretty amazing athlete, so you’ve got a lot of stories about some of the things he’s done and what he’s capable of… You kind of have this mythological thing in the gym because of B.J.’s presence there before, and it’s like you’re always trying to chase it. It’s kind of like having an older brother, and you always have to kind of live in his shadow a little bit.”

—Jon Fitch talking to about chasing BJ Penn’s ghost at AKA

I’m still torn on who to pick in Saturday’s night main event. I was leaning towards BJ Penn, but was a little surprised to see on Sherdog this morning that a collection of professional fighters and trainers are favoring Jon Fitch. I like Penn since he has so many tools to finish a fight, but Fitch sure is good at grinding out decisions against everyone not named Georges St. Pierre. I have to make a pick for MMA Moneyline’s pro picks, but since I can’t decide, I’m going to let you guys pick for me. Give me your pick below and I’ll tally them up tomorrow morning and send them over.

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  • luckiethirteen

    I think Im gonna go with Fitch. He’s won 21 of his last 22 fights and the only loss was to St Pierre. Penn got his ass handed to him with his two fights with Edgar and although he knocked out Hughes, it seemed to be similar to Chucks lights out moment before he called it quits.

  • Warriordave927

    i was kinda surprised by bjs performance in both fights with edgar he didnt seem like himself but then that shocking lightning quick knock out of hughes was even more surprising,i doubt he’ll repeat that with fitch so im gonna have to go with fitch on this one, no doubt fitch is gonna try to get the fight to the ground,so im gonna say another decision for fitch

  • Mattsilli

    I really want Penn to win the fight, but fitch is too big and too good of a wrestler to loose this fight.Penn has never done well when face with adversity in a fight. Fitch will only loose if he tries something different to make the fans happy. Fitch will try to gas Penn out then go for a sub.

  • WolfMan

    BJ PENN THE WHOLE WAY. MMA needs someone to knock fitch out and stop these boring ass fights he puts on. Granted he is succesful its mind numbingly boring to even hear his name. PENN!

  • JayKinser

    Fitch is too big and his takedowns will win him the fight. Ftich is 5th all time in takedowns in the UFC and i got him in my top 3 best at getting the fight to the ground along with GSP, and Chael Sonnen. I think BJ will make it interesting, but i got Fitch by split decision 29-28.

    great link to the official UFC records

  • Mr_Kitty

    I think Fitch will go for an immediate takedown and if he succeeds in controling Penn on the ground, that’s what we’ll see for three rounds. I know, I’m a genius for figuring that one out right? Fitch by another boring decision. But I hope and pray that Penn knocks Fitch out of the ring with a shuriken uppercut.

  • Joshd

    Fitch unanimous decision 30-27

  • theman

    BJ PENN!!!!

  • Danny_Trejo


  • Yatesa

    I hope BJ wins but Fitch looks to big for him

  • richard11

    Penn…. It took george a while to take him down so what makes you think fitch is going to be able to do it in the first round. threes not enough for fitch to beat penn

  • blaze8812

    penn is gonna win by decision

  • SteveBarry

    Looks like Fitch wins 7-5. Thanks guys!

    Here’s a wrinkle to consider though. Word is Fitch’s camp is concerned about his new vegan lifestyle. He’s walking around quite a few pounds lighter than normal at 176. It will be interesting to see how his body reacts tomorrow night.

    • Mattsilli

      @SteveBarry he definitely didn’t look as big as he normally does. Size was a big advantage for Fitch. If he isn’t much bigger than Penn this will be closer than I thought

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