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Dana White To Discipline Michael Bisping For Spitting Incident, Vitor Belfort Wants To Fight Him

Michael Bisping Spits at Jorge Rivera's Coaches UFC 127

Dana White has confirmed with MMA Fighting’s Mike Chiappetta that he will discipline Michael Bisping for spitting on Jorge Rivera’s corner immediately following the conclusion of their co-main event bout at UFC 127.

Dana hasn’t yet decided if the punishment be a suspension, fine or both, but perhaps it could come in the form of Vitor Belfort’s fists. He declared after the fight that he wants a piece of Bisping in May.

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Here’s the illegal knee if you missed it:

Michael Bisping Ilegally Knees Jorge Rivera to the Head UFC 127

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  • sam_snee

    i think he should be fined but not suspended. Maybe he should watch from behind a locked octagon while rivera spits on his wife and children while dressed up in a red coat’s uniform. Damn im mean.

    • Warriordave927

      @sam_snee a little harsh, but he should be fined and made to give a formal appology to riveras corner but i 100% wanna see vitor knock him out when isaw that statement on twitter yesterday i thought it was a done deal,hope it happens

  • JacobBerezansky

    The fine seems like the most afir thing to do.

  • JacobBerezansky

    The fine seems like it would make the most sence and be the most fair.

  • theman

    finally someone that can beat bispings ass. thank god

  • Mr_Kitty

    I’m not sure I agree Bisping should be disciplined at all. Look, I know spitting on someone is classless, but what about fighters like Tito Ortiz who flipped off Ken Shamrock and his entire corner, did he get fined? I’m not a Bisping fan, but he obviously let his emotions get the better of him and he admitted it was wrong. He said he was sorry didn’t he? That’s good enough for me.

  • JoshCarrillo

    I agree with the fine but not the suspension. I mean Brock Lesnar flipped off the entire audience, bad mouthed a sponsor, shoved an escort, and nearly attacked a camera man. Brock didn’t get suspended, and what Bisping did seems really mild compared to that. I say fine and apology.

  • m2

    both are justified…you just dont spit on people…in some parts, he might get put 6 feet under for that. dana white is right in fining and suspending him. if he doesnt then all fighters will think its okay to do in the future. theyll say oh ill just get fined, so let me spit on this’ll be worth every cent. suspension is justified in this case. also, put urself in the cornermans shoes..if it was u getting spit on, you wouldnt be saying those things about the suspension….

    • Warriordave927

      @m2 you took the words right out of my mouth,im with you spitting on someone is way more disrespectful than taunting,flipping the bird or even shoving not to mention its disgusting.but i also think they should start fining more people for theyre actions like lesnar(JoshCarillo) for his actions a while back, and anybody who gives mma a bad name with theyre actions when they are representing the sport.after all we want mma to be taken serious and not seen in a bad light by so it can be sanctioned in places like new york.i think a system of fines and suspensions would be a great idea either by the state commisions or the promotion the fighter is in. i know it happens already like with the brawl with ceasar gracie camp and mayhem but it should also apply outside the arena like in the nfl when players do crazy $h*t

  • Warriordave927

    hey steve did you happen to see the awesome email mmaweely aquired from chael sonnen to joe silva calling out bisping, now im thinking that fight would be better than vitor vs bisping because of sonnens trash talk,if jorge rivera got under bispings skin i thin sonnen would make him cry

    • SteveBarry

      @Warriordave927 I did, i was going to do a post on it earlier but something came up. I’ll do it before the end of the night.

  • LeoLarios


  • LeoLarios

    Steve I was happy with just Leo and now someone took that name… But good to be back, I see there’s been some changes.

    • SteveBarry

      @LeoLarios I was wondering where you went. Yeah we made some changes to the commenting system. This Livefyre system is in beta still and they’re adding new features as soon as tomorrow actually, but everyone seems to like it so far. I have a few concerns with load times and stuff but they’re supposed to be ironed out so we’ll see. With your username, I think you’re competing with everyone in the Livefyre network. You’re still the only Leo here. I’m hoping they’re going to give us more control over that in the future.

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