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Diego Sanchez: ‘I Threw the Game Plan Out the Window and Made it a Street Fight’

“I’m feeling the pure ecstasy of having a war. I showed them once again that I’ve got a lot of heart and that I’m going to drop my balls in there. I’m going to give the fans what they want to see. That’s the bottom line. That was my 20th fight here in the UFC octagon (including his championship run on ‘The Ultimate Fighter 1,’ and what a way to showcase my 20th fight than with a good war? I got the [win], and that’s what matters… What it all comes to is that I kind of threw the game plan out the window and made it a street fight. And I got the win.”

—Diego Sanchez, via MMA Junkie, talking about his epic fight with Martin Kampmann at UFC on Versus 3

Diego Sanchez may never win a UFC title, but there’s no doubt he has the heart of a champion. I would love to see him fight Chris Lytle before Lytle retires. Two of the toughest welterweights on the planet squaring off — if that doesn’t have epic war written all over it, I don’t know what does.

In case you missed it on update in the other post, Dana White was so giddy over the main event he ultimately decided to give both Sanchez and Kampmann unprecedented $160,000 Fight of the Night bonuses. In other words, win or lose, it (literally) pays to fight like a warrior in the UFC.

“I don’t forget fights like that,” White told Yahoo! Sports. “That was an unbelievable fight. That was the kind of fight you saw back in the 1980s in boxing, a classic war. Diego Sanchez is one of the toughest [expletives] I’ve ever seen, man. It was a dogfight. They both gave every ounce of what they had. Kampmann got a loss on his record, but he didn’t lose that fight. There are no losers when you’re in a fight like that.”

Kampmann didn’t get the win, but he did get more good news after the fight in addition to the bonus. His hand wasn’t broken as he initially thought.

Good news, so my hand is still pretty swollen but doc says it wasn’t broken. At the airport now, going to Denmark for a little vacation.

Still no pics of Diego’s face the morning after, but I’ll be sure to post one if Diego does.

Below, Diego’s post-fight locker room thoughts via and highlights of the fight courtesy of ESPN.

Image via Ken Pishna for MMA Weekly

  • RickRude

    Getting ALL of your takedowns stuffed, and headbutting your opponents fist for 3 rounds does not equal throwing the gameplan out the window. worst decision ever.

  • luckiethirteen

    Omly Steve will agree with me here but Sanchez won that fight. He may have looked worse but he was the aggressor. He zombied out, just kept it coming and pouring it on. Kampmann did everything right except knock him out. If Kampmann would have been more aggressive instead of having his back on the cage, he would have won the decision for sure. It was close, but again, I agree with the decision for the simple fact that Sanchez was the aggressor.

  • Warriordave927

    i disagree,i believe he can be a champion like you said he definitely has the heart,good call on the chris lytle vs sanchez match i think that would be an awesome fight as well,i kinda also wanna see sanchez vs koscheck 2

    • sam_snee

      @Warriordave927 Sanchez vs Koschek 2 would be Epic. Im surprised i havent thought of that since i spend 5 hours a day pretending im Joe Silva. (i would love to tanya harding Joe Silva and take his job). Imagine the shit talking of Koscheck and the stare down of the nightm…i mean dream. Wooooooo!

    • Warriordave927

      @sam_snee im the same way,im always trying to think of matches that i’d like to see as a matter of fact when i heard that affliction had gone under and they were in talks with the ufc again the first thing that came to mind was anderson vs vitor,and when it was confirmed that vitor had signed with the ufc i knew it was only a matter of time before that fight happened,im sure i wasnt the only person with that in mind but i felt pretty smart when it happened :),by the way ive got a lead pipe if you wanna borrow it

  • MarkWise

    l don’t think a rematch is necessary. But they both earned the respect they deserved.

  • JoshCarrillo

    Sanchez earned the victory he deserved, but looked a little soft for a welterweight. His midsection carried more fat than he usually has as a welterweight and his punches came off slower than usual. But regardless he definitely made this the best UFC on Versus. I would like to see him go against a few more elite strikers such as Hardy, Alves, Condit, and Lytle. Those would be some exciting fights.

    • sam_snee

      @JoshCarrillo i agree Sanchez vs Hardy, Alves or Condit. Hardy has a big fight on his hands already though. So maybe Condit since he doesnt have a new opponent yet. I want LYtle to retire. He made his mark on the sport, he doesnt need to become a Liddell. I mean Lytle-Liddell, even sound the same. Bad logic, but you get it. Kampman should fight Condit, and Sanchez should fight the winner of Hardy vs Johnson. And Alvez should fight someone else in the upper echelon.

  • Lou

    Sanchez lost, look at fight metrics and his face

    • luckiethirteen

      @Lou Doesnt matter what his face looked like… He was the aggressor the whole fight. How hard is that to understand???

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  • Pingback: Sanchez feels the ecstasy of going through a war, for that he’s also $160,000 richer | The latest news….

  • AlfonsoRodriguez

    Sanchez won, shure he took shots that keep bleeded, but that does not meed it continue to score of the shot is taking, everytime he bleeds does not mean the other guty keeps scoring. Diego won round 2 and 3. Again, be cuase he bleeds form a few punches, does not mean the other guy keeps scoring after the fight, It was still a war, but Diego won

  • DaveTorres

    @AlfonsoRodriguez Kampman’s defense was somewhat subtle but effective….if the fight is examined closely ,I believe it will be evident that Kampman landed the majority of the clean shots.

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