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Strikeforce Women’s MW Champ Cris Cyborg Reportedly In Talks With The WWE (Update)

Here’s one more headache for Strikeforce. Tatame is reporting that Strikeforce women’s middleweight champion Cris Cyborg is fed up with not getting fights and negotiating with the WWE to supplement her income.

Strikeforce champion and best pound for pound MMA fighter of the world, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is negotiating with world’s biggest pro-wrestling company, WWE, sources close to the fighter told TATAME minutes ago. Without fighting since June of 2010, Cyborg is getting tired of the lack of fights in the MMA organization, and this proposal would change her future in fighting – and get bigger paychecks. Two weeks ago, Cristiane and her husband, Strikeforce fighter Evangelista Santos, attended to a WWE event in California, and the managers of the event offered her a contract.

Strikeforce has only given Cyborg one fight in the past 12 months — she made $35,000 (not including sponsorship money and any undisclosed bonuses) — and her next fight doesn’t appear to be anywhere in sight. If Strikeforce can’t schedule her fights in a timely manner (which in all fairness is a difficult task), who can blame for going elsewhere to supplement her income?

It’s too early to tell how a possible stint in the WWE would affect her fight career, but it’s a story worth keeping on our eyes on.

Meanwhile, there’s still no word on Gina Carano’s opponent for her possible June return, but it looked like there was for a moment earlier today. Tatame first reported that Amanda Nunes, who knocked out Julia Budd in her Strikeforce debut, was negotiating to fight Carano this summer, but that report was quickly refuted by Nunes’ manager. Strikeforce’s Shannon Knapp says they have “someone else in mind,” but didn’t divulge who it is.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime

Update: The WWE denies that they are in talks with Cris Cyborg, according to Dave Meltzer. Even if they were negotiating, Meltzer adds that Cyborg would need Strikeforce’s permission to participate in the pro wrestling organization. Apparently Cyborg is in the middle of negotiations with Strikeforce for a new contract, so this could merely be a negotiation tactic on Cyborg’s part.

  • Warriordave927

    yet another strike for strikeforce(maybe should be called strikeout-force) they had some good steam going before the news of the gp qf’s being delayed now possibly the best female fighter in the world needs to suppliment her income because they cant get her fights,not good.i know its hard for them to come up with challengers for cyborg since she is so dominant but maybe they should think about doing a womens tourney at 145 like they did at 135,i know that wont completely solve the problem seeing as how theres a need for more talent at w145,but it should give cyborg something to look forward to

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  • luckiethirteen

    Wait, thats a woman?

    • Warriordave927

      @luckiethirteen HOT!!! huh,i havent watched WWE in a couple of years but im sure not much has changes,so heres a mental picture for you luckie imagine cyborg vs one of the other divas in a bra and panties match

  • sam_snee

    i mean, womens MMA is barely getting started. this type of drama and negotiating doesnt amke people want to watch. So this falls under the catergory of WHO CARES. Lets see women who want to fight, not ones who think about money. Does noone think of it like that. This is the early golden age of MMA, is 30-50 years, when this sport is bigger than boxing ever was, do you think Cyborg will regret this BS. She could be the babe ruth of womens MMA or she could wrestle the rock and get hit with a folding chair. Get some perspective. Be a legend, forget about money. Jesus, what is wrong with athletes……

    • ire

      hey sam? say that again when you’re 30 and moving back with your parents to pay off all the hospital bills. top-notch female fighters rarely make 4 figures a fight, and at 4 fights a year, you do the math. coaches, doctors, medical expenses, travel….I’m ammy and I’m out $10,000 for expenses and injuries this past year

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  • Lmalphrus

    Dana White come to the rescue….bring Cris Cyborg to the UFC!

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