Strikeforce ‘Feijao vs. Henderson’ Post-Fight News, Notes & Quotes

Rundown of Strikeforce ‘Feijao vs. Henderson’ post-fight news, notes and quotes…

7,123 fans filed into the Nationwide Arena for Strikeforce “Feijao vs. Henderson” last night. Live gate figures have not been announced yet.

— Dan Henderson proved last night that he still has it at the tender age of 40. It’s his age, he says, that makes this title win so meaningful.

“It’s been a while since I won a new belt, and this one definitely probably means the most to me because I’m 40 years old, and inside, I felt like I could still compete with the top guys. That’s something I needed to prove to myself tonight. And I think I accomplished that for myself and hopefully the fans too.”

Hendo was clearly the smaller man in the cage last night. He wrestled with Feijao in the clinch on several occasions and despite the strength disadvantage he was still able to control Feijao there and get a few takedowns. Hendo credited that success to his superior technique.

“Throughout most of my wrestling career … and my MMA career, I had the belief it’s mostly about positioning and technique, and that kind of saves a lot of strength and energy. If you’re in the right position, you won’t need as much as strength. That may have been the case tonight. I’m not saying I’m weak or anything. I don’t feel weak against real big and strong guys because of that reason, I think. Mentally, I’ve never felt weak or outmatched in any weight class.”

Hendo doesn’t want to waste any time getting back in the cage. He hopes to return to action by June or July, and isn’t ruling out fighting in the middleweight division again.

—Marloes Coenen pulled off the biggest come from behind victory in Strikeforce history last night against short notice challenger Liz Carmouche. Both fighters turned in gutsy performances and Carmouche’s dominance in the second and third rounds didn’t go unnoticed by the women’s welterweight champ.

“Liz is very, very talented, and she will be a champion someday.”

With her first title defense behind her, Coenen now has her sights set on her original opponent, Miesha Tate.

“I hope she sleeps good tonight,” Coenen said with a smirk. “(Strikeforce CEO) Scott (Coker) decides eventually, but she’s on my list.”

Coenen also wants to avenge her loss to Cris Cyborg.

— While Melvin Manhoef certainly has the explosive potential to end anyone’s night in a split second, Tim Kennedy was able to pull off the predictable first-round submission victory. At the post-fight press conference, Kennedy made it clear that’s he not going on any vacations. He wants to fight and he wants to fight now. He says he only has a limited window before it’s time to return to his “most important job.”

“I’m a fighter. If I’m not overseas, I want to fight. If I’m not in uniform, I want to fight. Let’s make this absolutely, totally crystal clear. Where’s everyone else from Strikeforce? ‘I like fighting if I’m not overseas.’ I feel like I’m wasting my time if I’m not in the cage because I’m a sniper, I’m a Ranger, and I’m a Green Beret. I’ve been to every cool-guy school that (U.S.) Special Forces has. I’m completely wasting my life away if I’m not taking an opportunity to be in a cage. If I’m not in the cage, I’m going to go back to Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s just how it’s going to work.”

“I have an idea for how long I’m going to fight for. I’m going to have a substantial amount of time that I’m going to want to give to being a Green Beret. I’ll finish my career in the military, so as soon as I’m done (fighting), I’m going to get back out there. My timeline for me is very clear. I’ve expressed that to my chain in command. I’m going to fight for a little while, and as soon as I’m done fighting, I’m going to be right back there doing the most important job.”

Kennedy wants to make the most of his time in the cage, fighting the best possible opponents. Robbie Lawler and Cung Le were the two he mentioned by name.

—Jorge Gurgel says he’s very happy with Strikeforce. Says they have treated him better than any other organization he has fought for, but he does have one tiny complaint. He doesn’t want to fight on the unaired prelims and actually found it “insulting.”

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime. Check out Esther’s Strikeforce “Feijao vs. Henderson” photo gallery here.

  • Warriordave927

    i agree that gurgel should have been televised,i understand that strikeforce might have a limited time frame on showtime but they should at least show highlights in between fights

    • sam_snee

      @Warriordave927 I think Gurgel should shut up and realize that his Gold bargaining chip is really made out of shiny brass. He may be happy and he may be treated well, but that doesnt change the fact that almost no one but a hardcore fan knows who he is, other than a guy that got beat a few times in the UFC. Im not saying i dont like him, i actually do. But nothing annoys me more than a fighter with an ego and a sense of entitlement. Who is Gurgel, really? thats a conversation he needs to have with himself in the steamy mirror after a reality check and a shower.

  • JacobBerezansky

    “Still has it”? Come on now. He still has it as far as Strikefarce goes. Dan Henderson would be held down and well… you know if he was fighting Rua or Anderson. He has a second place title. Let’s keep that in focus here.

    • Warriordave927

      @JacobBerezansky why do you have to hate,are you employed by zuffa,give the man some props if it werent for the fact that he got passed over for another title shot at anderson and some money issues,he would still be in the ufc,that doesnt mean he would be champ or anything if he had stayed but he made the best of his situation and he’s a champ,the dudea 40 years old he may not be randy coture but the fact that he won a belt at 40 has to count for something

    • JacobBerezansky

      @Warriordave927 Ha, I wish I was employed by Zuffa. I hate Strikeforce. I mean I hate that whole organization. The UFC and Pride are the only two legitimate promotions in my opinion. Obviously, Pride is no more, but this whole American MMA wave was started by the UFC and Pride. Strikefarce, EliteXC and Affliction are all just riding momentum that The UFC put in motion. That is fact, and everybody on here knows it. They might be “too much of a fan ” to put Strikefarce on the back burner that it deserves, but facts are facts, and it is what it is. I’m not against The UFC having competion. I just don’t want the competion to be Strikeforce Now, you said he was ‘passed over’ for a UFC title shot. By that, I assume you mean he earned it, and The UFC made the wrong call by giving it to somebody else. I will agee 100% that giving the next title shot to Vitor at UFC 112 was the wrong call. That fight was eventually cancelled though. Dan did deserve it more that Vitor, but not more than Okami. Okami has been jipped hard. Dan was the #2 contender. I seem to remeber Dana saying he’d only need one more win to get the rematch with Anderson, but Henderson chose to walk away and go to a weaker promotion so he could hold a belt. All opinions aside, you have to admit in that sence Dan’s new belt has now become a second place belt. We all saw what happened the last two times Dan fought UFC champions. Two shots amounted to two losses for Hendo. That’s not too impressive. The reason Dan didn’t deserve the shot is actually the same reason Vitor didn’t deserve a shot; it is just less obvious. Dan won a decision against Rousimar Palhares. That wasn’t a big deal. It was Rousimar’s second UFC fight, and Dan is a former Champion; He didn’t prove anything with that win; I was actually at that fight in Atlanta. I was quite dull. He then fought Franklin and won a very close split decision. I personally had Rich winnning that fight, but it doesn’t matter because that fight was at 205 not 185. That win should have zero bearing on Dan’s contention at 185. Dan then beat Bisping in comanding fashion. That’s two 185 wins to Okami’s three 185 wins. Okami earned it over Henderson. Props to Henderson for being old and still winning though. It is impressive to be 40 and win a major promotions belt, but it is still a second place belt.

    • sam_snee

      @JacobBerezansky Theres a lot to be said for second place organizations. One would have to admit that college sports are less competitive than professional sports, but how then do you account for college stars who transition to stardom in the pro’s with ease. Strikeforce may be smaller and have less talent in total, but that doesnt mean than some of them couldnt beat the snot out of th Zuffa guys. Henderson is older, but he lost to shields by the slimmest of boring GSP style margins. How can Hendo be obsolete if Bisping is in the title hunt? Hendo is getting old, but he didnt look old alst night, he must be doing the machida pee plan with Couture’s pee-pee.
      Now, i know UFC is the big dog, but do you really think that Gilbert Melendez wouldnt stand up well to Edgar? Maybe Hendo couldn’t beat Rua, but honestly, maybe he can. Strikeforce’s problem arises not from an absence of talented fighters but form a shortage of them. It’s hard to make the ranks competitive when Lawlor fights Linland, and Daley fights Scott Smith. They just need more fighters to make the ranking fights mean more.

    • JacobBerezansky

      @sam_snee I never said Henderson was bad; I did say he has a second place title. His loss to Jake Shields wasn’t slim; don’t kid yourself. Henderson lost 4/5 rounds. How is that slim? College sports VS Professional sports is not relevant at all. Nieher is more competitive than the other; Proffesional level teams just have more talent which makes perfect sence as they are just that, professionals. Also, you’re making poor generalizations. In San Fran People might care more about Pro than college (I’m referencing football and men’s basketball mostly), but on the East Coast NCAA sports dwarf the NFL and NBA. The University of Tennessee’s football stadium holds about 110,000 people, Penn State holds about 130,000, and Michigan holds about 140,000. Those are about twice the size of most NFL stadiums; the 49ers holds just under 70,000, so geography has a large play in your argument.

    • sam_snee

      @JacobBerezansky Thanks for the statistics on stadium size and capacity and be sure to let me know when that becomes a relevant part of an argument. I also love how you accuse me of generalizations and then follow it with a generalization about the region in which i live. I also like how you ignored all the tangible claims of my argument such as Bispings win over title contenders, and the level of skill in strikeforce being diluted by the shortness of competition. Let’s do this again sometime Berenzansky, ill give you time to read some rhetoric books first though. And, in truth Henderson didnt lose by a small Margin, i should have said that he almost won that fight in the first round and it was within his grasp before Shields brought out the Lay-and-Pray technique. So to that end i mis-spoke.

    • JacobBerezansky

      @sam_snee Rhetoric books? I’m a law student. I’m quite familiar with rhetoric. Again, I never said Henderson was obsolete. I did say he moved to weaker competition; that’s a fact. You brought up other sports not myself. I never generalized anything. I simply stated that geography plays a significant role in your argument, a roll you failed to acknowlege. In response to Bisping, He isn’t a legit conteder. He’s not beating top notch 185ers. Miller, Akiyama, and Riveria aren’t top level middlewieghts; we both have to agree on that, so I just can’t help but view Bisping as irrelevant at the moment. He has faced three top level fighters in his career. Evans, Henderson, and W. Silva. He lost to all three. Do you really view Bisping as a top Middlewieght? I just can’t see that. Strikeforce has some decent fighters Henderson being one of them. You’ve never seen me post anything saying “Strikeforce has no talent.” I simply don’t like them as a company. I don’t like Pepsi or Apple Computers either. I’d like Henderson back in The UFC; he’s fun to watch fight. I’d love The UFC to get its hand in Strikforce’s Heavyweight division too because there is so much talent there. This whole Gand Prix being postponed highlights my dislike for the company; Strike force is just run poorly.

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