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Ken Shamrock Wants Royce Gracie At UFC 134, Tank Abbott Wants Brock Lesnar

Royce Gracie isn’t the only UFC pioneer hoping to get one more fight in the Octagon. Ken Shamrock wants in too, and claims if he and Royce were to rematch on the upcoming UFC Rio card, it would be the biggest pay-per-view to date.

“There’s no doubt in my mind, and anyone else will tell you that if this fight was to happen, this would be the biggest pay-per-view to date, but they will not let that happen. [The UFC] would have to swallow their egos for that to happen and these guys have too big of egos to let that happen,” he said. “I love to fight. I want to fight. I think staying within my capabilities of fighting people who were from my time…Trying to fight these young kids, obviously I’m a bit too old for that, but if I stay within my realm of things I think fans would enjoy it, I would enjoy it and I think it’s good for the sport.”

The best part of the story is why he wants the fight. He owes the UFC a ton of money in legal fees from a lawsuit he lost to them and figures this would repay the debt. Something tells me the only response Shamrock is going to get from the UFC at this point is, “Nice try Shamrock, where’s our money?”

Next up, we have Tank Abbott who says he would knock out Brock Lesnar in 10 seconds.

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  • Smh

    looks like these guys just want a big check thts all smh quit already but i would like to see gracie vs shamrock kinda cool if u think about it

  • Ed Lib

    Steroid Shamrock could have a fight with Royce.

    But Tank has chances with Lesnar in the next ultimate fishing championship only.

  • sandman

    Shamrock is so full of himself. What a joke! He has been done for a long time, now. As far as Tank, that’s even worse. Shouldn’t he be in an elderly care home somewhere???

  • Awwaters

    Tank looks like father time on a booze bender. The UFC has absolutely no interest or reasons to put dinosaurs in the octagon. They have plenty of amazing fighters to put together and have no reason to have these gimmick fights especially after James Toney’s flop.

    • warriordave927

      i agree about the james toney fight being a flop,for as much shit as dana talks about gimmick or novelty fights or whatever he calls them, that fight should have never happened.

      i doubt this is even on the ufc’s radar with all the stuff they deal with but these fights will never happen, gracie had the biggest chance being a legend of the sport and a native of brazil and we all saw how quickly that got turned down. ken shamrock needs to just retire and quit making ass of himself and trying to revive his career, i consider that douche the jose canseco of mma,maybe he should take a page out of cansecos book and try to play baseball. i wonder if the ufc wishes they could take back shamrock induction into their hall of fame after he fucked up his career and screwed them or tried to screw them over

  • Steve_vacev

    Tank looks like he’s 60 and like he’s drunk. :D ahhahahaahahahahahah!!!!!! EPIC!!! :D

  • sam_snee

    this makes me so sad. think off all the fighters on top of their game right now. they will be like this one day. no one quits when its time. there’s always one more round. so sad.

  • Shitcar12345

    tank u r a joke to the mma
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