Inside MMA: Tito Ortiz Addresses Altercation With Matt Mitrione, Hendo Talks Fedor

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  • Bill Schumer

    Aww, he was crying!  Suck it up Tito, that Twitter shit was funny.  Mitrione may break my bones but his words forever hurt me?  

  • sam_snee

    tito should never have a segment of his own. jesus…

  • Jon

    Tito is, and always was, a douche. For f#$k sake man – you’re dating a porn star, and one of the biggest names in that profession, in history. Stop taking yourself so seriously – and get the joke!

    • sandman

      What would you do if someone did the same to you???

  • Jacky

    Matt Mitrione is the real douche…always has been, from his football days to The Ultimate Fighter and now….Love or hate Tito, he is one of the pioneers of the sport

  • Preacher

    tito has a point you dont bring family into the fight and btw his gf might be a porn star but she made millions doing what most sluts today do for free.say what you want but she is rich beyond most peoples dreams and how many of you dont think she was hot back in the day?

    • Matt Silliman

      Didn’t she make over 900 movies? I’m sure that’s a bit more than “most” sluts.

      Although I think Matt crossed the line Saying that stuff publicly. Had he kept it amongst friends that’s one thing, but to the media??? That’s a bit shitty. I’m glad he did for my sake because it made me laugh.

  • The_heat_

    tito sounds so slow in the head and awkward

  • Dejd

    tito head big like plastic boobie  burp!

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