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Could Dan Henderson Retire Fedor Emelianenko?

Fedor’s manager Vadim Finkelchtein thinks he could if Hendo wins. From via LowKick:

I think that if Fedor loses to Dan Henderson, he will retire from Mixed Martial Arts. And like I said many times before, it will be his decision and we (M-1 Global) have no influence of any kind on whatever he decides to do. It’s all up to him.But we hope for the best. Fedor is very motivated, and will be more than ready for this fight. He has a new goal, and is fully concentrated on reaching it.

It’s pretty difficult to wrap my head around the thought of Fedor Emelianenko losing three fights ago when only 12 months ago we thought of him as this unstoppable machine. Things change quickly in this sport though and on July 30 will face the very real possibility of losing his third consecutive fight. I wouldn’t bet on Hendo to win, but he has the tools to hang with Fedor in the clinch and power in his right hand to put anyone’s lights out. Of course, he’s also found himself in trouble a time or two and isn’t nearly as threatening on the ground as Fedor is. These are all facts Fedor seems to aware of. Fedor talking to via LowKick:

Dan Henderson is a very exciting fighter; he’s a strong wrestler and is very quick with taking the fight from stand-up, down to the ground. He starts in stand-up, but then he attacks like a tornado, often surprising his opponents by putting them on their back. Like I said, Henderson is an exciting fighter. But there were also fights where he had to sweat against a relatively weaker competition. It’s all about how you match-up up against your opponent. So yes, Dan Henderson had some fights where things didn’t go his way.

Even if Hendo wins though, I’m not convinced that will send Fedor into retirement. I could be wrong, but I never believe it until I see it and even then there’s always that looming question about whether they’ll come back. Either way though, if Fedor loses, it will be a pretty devastating blow to his career.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime

  • Matt Silliman

    I’m actually going to this fight so I”m pretty excited.  I like both fighters a lot, but I’m picking Fedor to win.

    Stand up  –  Both hit hard and both can take a punch.
    Wrestling –  Obvious
    Cardio  – Fedor
    Subs – Fedor

    Both fighters have one punch KO power, but bother fighters are hard to KO.  Hendo can bring it to the ground, but Fedor is very good and very active from the bottom.  If Hendo gets tired or sloppy on the ground it will be over.  I however, think both fighters will keep it on the feet and go for the KO.  I think it will be an amazing fight and a shocking finish no matter who wins.  can’t wait to be there and see it live.

  • Anonymous

    Something is not right about the way fedor has been losing his past two fights. Against werdum he lost by a submission, you can argue he got sloppy, and against bigfoot it was a Dr’s stoppage not to mention bigfoot outweighed him by a shitload. I’m not discrediting werdum or Bigfoot for their wins but at the same time I believe fedor should not retire due to these losses.

  • Kevorodo

    Fedor better watch out for that H-Bomb!!! I actually already went to this fight. Hendo wind 3:41 into rd1

    Nostradamus 12/23/34 bc

  • Nostradamus

    He actually wins 3:17 into rd1

  • i like sexy time

    It will not happen. Fedor will win 2nd round KO

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  • Sal90

    is it only gonna b a five fight pay per view

    • Kevorodo

      Nope. Strikeforce still has a contract with Showtime.

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