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Observations from My Couch: TUF 13 Finale

A few observations from the Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale:

-In the context of a season of TUF, where the competitors are handpicked by SpikeTV executives based on their ability to guzzle booze and act stupid, Chris Cope and Chuck O’Neil are a tough pair of welterweights.  In the context of the UFC’s dense 170-pound division, though, oh are they dead men.

-No way did Kyle Kingsbury deserve that decision.  But alas, that’s what happens you face a Brazilian who elevates “Been There, Done That” into an art form.  Fabio Maldonado looked about as intense as a dude at the grocery store shopping for Doritos.

-I would say Ed Herman is back as much as I’d say Tim Credeur is so far not back that he’s “front”.  Seriously, is anyone alarmed that a guy who took time off for brain irregularities got knocked out so easily?  I’m alarmed.

-Scott Jorgenson is still a strong contender in the bantamweight division.  He may never be able to beat champ Dominic Cruz, but as Ken Stone learned, Jorgenson’s still very capable of smoking fools with a quickness.

-Josh Grispi’s nickname is “The Fluke”.  I daresay it’s because the quick and impressive wins that propelled him up the featherweight rankings were flukes, ‘cause homeboy has come off as insanely one-dimensional his last two times at bat.

-Not only did Anthony Pettis’ guaranteed UFC lightweight title shot get flushed down the toilet by his grinding loss to Clay Guida, but now Guida gets to call himself the WEC lightweight champ. 

-Of all the fruit borne of the TUF tree in recent years, Tony Ferguson alone stands out as a TUF winner with true potential.  Good wrestling, fantastic boxing and knockout power?  Puh-lease.  If Ferguson is fed the same cans TUF winners usually get fresh out of the gate, he’s going to end up killing people.

  • sam_snee

    smoking fools with quickness? if i were an english professor and you were my student i would put w/c on all your papers (it means ‘word choice’ in a questioning-your-logic kind of way) On a side note, Jim, i’ve tried to think of a way to say this to you that is both constructive and objective, but alas ive run out of patience: your kind of a jerk [sorry if this violates your new commenting policies, Steve. im just being honest] and always speak with cynicism. When you share your opinion and even when you are right in your analysis of facts,you carry a tone of negativity. If this was a dating site, you would be a hater. If it was a comedy site, you would be a heckler, if this was a porn site, you would be the fluffer. When you came to the site, i welcomed a fresh voice, and i do respect the work you do in terms of effort and volume, and also as a fellow fan of the sport. But there is a difference between writing editorials and misrepresenting the facts in a negatively charged summary.

    • Lanfear

      The negative/positive response to Jim has to be getting more skewed by now, huh Steve?

    • jim genia

      What I am is snarky.  No heckling, no hating – and definitely no fluffing (those days are behind me).  just lots of snark.

      • sam_snee

        i just re-read what i wrote, and i must say that i came off a bit meaner than i had intended. i really like a lot of your stuff, but when a fighter is down, you tend to kick him a bit.

  • Lanfear

     On another note. Tony Ferguson is going no where. He might win his first fight if they give him someone like Chris Cope, but after that he will lose until he is cut.

    • sam_snee

      i hope you are right, but think you’re wrong. Gerguson looks good and if they put him through the ranks at a slwo enough pace, he should grow into a contender in a year or so. Especially if he keeps his cool and doesnt try to be flashy all the time. there’s something very dangerous about a wrestler that doesnt rely on his wrestling. Basically he can use his striking to beat the shit out of people, and when they try to tke him down, he’s got the ability to stuff shots and make people pay for it. I dont like him at all, but he looked really good. I’m more excited to see Ramses next fight and Chris Cope’s next fight. I hope Cope continues to get better (his chin will save him from getting ko’d by a lot of 170 pound dudes) and learns some submission skills.

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