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Dave Herman Doesn’t Think Jiu-Jitsu Works

“I honestly really don’t think it does [work]. If you have any knowledge at all of jiu-jitsu, it’s just not going to work. If you literally have never heard of anything and have no idea what they’re doing, OK, kind of like the first UFC, yeah jiu-jitsu works. It’s kind of like trickery, basically. If you have any idea about any of the tricks, it’s just not going to work, unless you’re a complete idiot and fall for it… Maybe I should re-phrase it and just say, jiu-jitsu doesn’t work on me. As a wrestler I’m going to have to stick with wrestling as the best [foundation], but I really think jiu-jitsu isn’t that great, and even from a spectator standpoint, it’s not that fun to watch. Striking is obviously the most entertaining.”

— Dave Herman on The MMA Hour claiming that jiu-jitsu doesn’t work

That’s a pretty bold statement. I’m sure there are thousands of BJJ practitioners and fans that would vehemently disagree with Herman, but I guess he has a point to a degree. Although I think the same could be said for any discipline in mixed martial arts. If you have no striking skill or wrestling experience, of course you’re going to get knocked out or slammed to the ground if that’s the game you try to play. That’s just the nature of the beast. Strengths vs. weaknesses. I’m not sure how much experience Herman has in jiu-jitsu, but he has scored three submission wins — two by rear-naked choke and one by omoplata (not exactly a beginner’s move) — so even he has proved it works. I think this is just his way of garnering a little attention in the media and considering I just made it a post about it, well, I guess that worked too.

  • Jacob Berezansky

    I tend to agree with you. It was merely an attention grab.

  • The Jester

    I jumped on Herman’s bandwagon mid fight. Pretty good fighter, badass dude, and hey he’s funny too.

  • Anonymous

    I’m jumping on the wagon as well.
    I also think it’s funny that he resembles Payton manning.

  • sam_snee

    hahaha Peyton Manning, hahaha. He is getting attention for sure, but also a target on his back from Guys like Mir, Werdum, Nelson, etc… He’ll get submitted someday, but until then, these kinds of statements ensure he’ll get bigger paychecks until that day comes. smart move…for now

    • warriordave927

      I think frank Mir vs Herman would be good if they want to give Herman a big name challenge if not like had been said before Herman vs nelson,either way i would like to see him get sub’d,that’ll get him some media attention

  • Matt Silliman

    I’ve been following this guy for a little while now thanks to HDnet fights, and he is very entertaining. Joe Silva knows he has a guy that can with FOTN honors every time out if he is paired up with the right guy. I think they will throw him a couple fighters that will stand and bang with him before we see him fight someone like Mir.

    Travis Browne vs. Dave Herman or Matt Mitrione vs. Dave Herman are two fight I would expect to see in the near future.

    • ass

      i like herman vs mitrione…that has fight of the night written all over it;quite possibly knock out of the night as well!

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