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Brock Lesnar’s DeathClutch Team Helping Pat Barry Develop A Killer Instinct

“Every once in a while a big guy will be there, but you know, being at [Duke Roufus’ gym, I had] Anthony Pettis, Erik Koch, Dan Downes, Alan Belcher; all these guys are 155 and 185. Being the heaviest guy there, you can do all the work you want and become accustomed to that, but then when a 290,000 pound Tim Hague falls on top of you, that changes everything. So I’m out here training with Marty Morgan and the DeathClutch guys now, and if Cole Konrad grabs you and lies on top of you, you’re going to die, period… If you can become accustomed to that? Cole Konrad is a monster. Brock Lesnar is humungous in the gym. Jon Madsen; these guys are all real live wrestlers, all heavyweights, who all do jiu-jitsu also. So what does Pat Barry need in his repertoire? I need heavyweight training partners, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu, and now I’m training with a bunch of heavyweight wrestlers who all do jiu-jitsu. You can’t get any better than that. That’s the exact concoction that I was needing to further myself… These dudes out here, they’re wrestlers. They pick you up and powerbomb you on the ground on top of some dumbbells and that’s totally normal. They’re completely okay with that. POW! Right on the rack of dumbbells, and it’s like, `What’s the matter? Did the dumbbells get hurt?’ I can punch and kick these guys, and wrestle and tackle these guys and they show up the next day. Even if they’re walking with a limp, they show up the next day all the time, and they come at you like they don’t even know they’re hurt. It’s simulated fighting. You can practice wrestling all day, boxing all day, jiu-jitsu all day, but if you don’t practice fighting, how do you ever get ready for a fight? This is what they do. You can actually practice fighting out here.”

— Pat Barry talking to about training with the monster wrestlers at DeathClutch

If you have a minute, you should definitely check out the full interview Pat Barry did with That was just a short excerpt, but Barry goes on to explain that not only is his wrestling getting better by working out with the likes of Marty Morgan, Brock Lesnar, Cole Konrad and Jon Madsen at DeathClutch, but they’re also helping him to develop a killer instinct in the cage. As Barry describes it, he used to avoid an opponent’s injury in a fight out of the kindness of his heart and never realized that he didn’t have the killer instinct that someone like Wanderlei Silva has. But after getting beating and battered by the DeathClutch crew on a daily basis, he’s finally waking up to the idea that it’s killed or be killed. In fact, Barry says he gets so pissed he wants to high kick everyone in the room so they’ll stop, and that’s exactly the kind of primal mindset they’re trying to put him in.

Pat Barry takes on Cheick Kongo this Sunday night at UFC on Versus 4. Will we see a brutal finish?

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