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Brian Stann Doesn’t Expect Pre-Fight Trash Talk From Chael Sonnen, He Might Be Right

“I know Chael; he’s just not going to do it. I know there’s respect there. If he chooses to do it, honestly, I just don’t take it personally – the same way when I fought Chris Leben and he said I couldn’t punch my way out of a paper bag. Fighters have to sell fights. If I get wrapped up in the trash talk, I’m not focusing on the technical skills that I need to win the actual fight. So I kind of submerse myself in Albuquerque and just don’t really care. I have so many coaches and great training partners around me that I don’t really have time to pay attention to any of it… I don’t know if Chael in his heart of hearts really believes what he’s saying,”

— Brian Stann telling MMA Junkie he doesn’t expect Chael Sonnen to pull his typical pre-fight antics with him

Ever since this fight was announced the other day people have been wondering how Chael Sonnen would approach Brian Stann. How could he possibly insult Stann like he has with the Brazilian fighters without becoming the guy that publicly belittled one of America’s soldiers?

Well, Brian Stann doesn’t think he will and he might be right. In an interview with, Sonnen had nothing but good things to say about Stann.

“That’s a really hard match, and that’s a really great guy. We have to meet up at some point; we’re ranked very close to each other. That fight is going to happen at some point whether I want to do it or not… I wasn’t ready for a Brian Stann style fight; I was ready to take on a Wanderlei or a Machida or something like that. I’ll need to sit down and reevaluate and up the intensity, that’s for sure. He’s doing such a good job. Rewind to his match with Chris Leben. I really would have lost whatever they would let me bet; I would have lost it all. I thought Leben would beat him… I think Stann’s an awesome guy. I didn’t think he could get by Leben. Nobody has dominated Chris Leben like that — ever — in his entire career. That was kind of like an “Oh Wow” moment when I saw that in my living room. That was a special performance… Then they gave him a really easy fight after that, and he went out and did some more great things. Even an easy fight, you’ve still got to go do the fight, and he did. He’s really good.”

Time will tell if Sonnen flips the switch and turns up the heat, but for now it looks like we might actually get a (shall I say) nice version of Sonnen for the next few months.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog

  • warriordave927

    I doubt sonnen will be nice,though he won’t talk about stann,I’m sure Brazil and Brazilian fighters will still get the chael sonnen treatment on Twitter

    • Carolinasking843

      yo, Chael Sonnen ADMITTED to using STEROIDS against ANDERSON SILVA..

  • Cuddlyfighter

    Leben has been dominated much worse before, during anderson’s ufc debut. I don’t understand why some people actually like sonnen. All he says are lies, he is a cheater and a fraud. No respect for the sport’s pioneers or the fans.

    • Ed Lib

      He fills his pocket with marketing and others illegal imobilliaire issues…his cash on fighting only  grows because of that… I´ll put my money on Stann, definitely.

      Seriously man, middleweight division will walk over Sonnen in a short time.

    • warriordave927

      ed and cuddly are you with me on this one

    • Mr Kitty

      I can tell you why people like Sonnen. For one he sells one hell of a fight. He’s the best trash talker in MMA. But behind the veil is very smart, articulate and very calculating person there. He’s not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. There was a reason he was seriously considered a legitimate candidate for the Oregon senate. But more than anything he’s freakin hilarious to listen to. I love the guy despite the fact that he’s made some very bad choices in his life. 

    • Carolinasking843


  • ass

    im glad he has respect for stann,he needs to or he will get smoked…

  • Humpitandsponk

    Sonnen loves anal sex and he wants to make love to Stann after choking him out. Sonnen jacks off wearing boxing gloves while watching clips of Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuna from Jackass.

    • sandman

      You’re an idiot. Take your ridiculous comments elsewhere….

      • warriordave927

        sounds like humpti what ever the fck is fantasisizing over there

    • ass

      you should be ashamed of yourself…

  • sandman

    There doesn’t seem to be much motivation for this fight.. The fight really makes no sense to me at all. I must be missing something….

  • Bill Schumer

    They want Stann to fight for the title…

    • Ed Lib


  • Mdgross13

    and Stan will fight for the title- in all the hype and trash talk (and I am a Soennen fan), he has no chance against this hard hitting Marine! Stann knocked out the unknock-out-able Leben and he did it easily… As smart as Soennen is (or thinks he is)- he has missed out on a couple things… If he is so fucking tough? how come he could beat on Silva for 4.5 rounds and not take him out? If he is ‘the real champion’? maybe he should go back to high school and take math and not drama and English? a fight is 5 rounds, 5 minutes a round. Sure, he won 4.5 of those rounds… but Mr Soennen, you need 5….! not 4.5, 0r 4.6 pr even 4.9… you need 5!!! Silva was losing and knew it… his last resort was a ‘hail mary’ and he got it!

    Imagine Mr Soennen- that you were winning a football game 7-3… even though you dominated the game for 3.75 quarters… to win… you need to have the most points after 4 quarters… Silva needed a touchdown and not a field goal… so he went for it and got it! HE WON!

    You should quit trash talking and show boating and showing your meager intelligence and contradictions… knock out Stann (Ha ha)… then knock out Silva… and once Mr White places that belt around your waist- then start up your mouth again….Stann is going to retire you back to an Oregen feed store where you can make fun of “one legged Canadians” and “math teachers” and get high fives and all that other stuff you want…

    Maybe there is even a bus you can pet and give a carrot to…???

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