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If You Thought The Kim Couture Late Stoppage Was Bad…

…Then holy crap, you need to watch this. Couture’s ref is like the best ever compared to this guy. Not that I’m defending him by any means, but at least in Couture’s case it required the ref to use his brain a little and recognize that she was unconscious. Not here. This ref blatantly ignores the guy on the bottom tapping out REPEATEDLY in his direct line of sight. If you watch closely, the fight is actually stopped by the winning fighter. The ref doesn’t start slapping his hand on the ground until the fighter let go of the choke after the dude passes out. Truly unbelievable.

I guess the brightside in both these cases, if there is one, is that the human brain can actually withstand a lack of blood flow for a period of four-six minutes before permanent brain damage is likely (although other issues can arise), according to MMA Junkie’s Dr. Johnny Benjamin. Obviously, we don’t want the refs testing the limits of that, but at least there’s a good amount of wiggle room for the unfortunate fighters who get stuck with completely incompetent refs.

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  • warriordave927

    Wow,I think this guy should be choked out til he passes out even if he taps,its only a matter of time before some one gets seriously hurt do to ref incompetence,which would further cast a shadow on mma in certain peoples eyes

  • Smh


  • Matt Silliman

    If this guy is allowed to ref again in MMA, there are serious problems.

  • Ed Lib

    He should be the one getting submitted! What a hell! The only job in fight this guys serves is as a punch bag! 

  • ass

    that was completly unaceptable and absolutly just piss poor reffing… theese refs cant keep getting away with this its just not cool good thing the guy doing the choking decided to let go or who knows how long the ref would of let it slide

  • Bill Schumer

    This guy should be fired as well, but Couture’s was still worse in my opinion. At least this guy only continued to be choked for a couple seconds after he was unconscious, he just had to tap for 8 seconds before that happened.

  • Luckiethirteen

    I think it was the same ref…

  • omg

    The guy doing the choke should have realized the guy was tapping and let go. He was tapping pretty hard.

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