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Josh Koscheck Explains Why His Eyeball Didn’t Explode During The GSP Fight

It was a rough night for me. Pretty much the first punch Georges landed, a hard jab, broke my orbital socket (the round bone in your skull that your eyes sit in) but also my orbital plate (the cheekbone)… I had no depth perception and was basically a one-eyed fighter for the next 23 minutes. I can man up but the pain was just horrible. It hurt worse than anything I’ve ever experienced. It hurt even more than when I cut my big toe off when I was six — when I was playing with my grandfather’s axe being a little shit… Seriously — the eye hurt way worse than chopping my big toe off… I had major surgery after the fight. The doctors told me that I took the punch right in the eyeball, and what happens when the eye takes a direct impact is the bone explodes and drops down in order to stop the pressure to the eye resulting in an exploding eyeball… So there I was, first or second minute into the biggest fight of my life, and I’m lucky my eyeball hadn’t just exploded. Thing is, the fact I’d talked so much trash about Georges and I’d helped hype the fight so hard for so long, I couldn’t let everyone down by pulling out with an injury after a couple of minutes. I feel bad the fight didn’t live up to the hype, but I did my best to clip GSP with a punch somehow.

— Josh Koscheck guest blogging for about his eye injury during the GSP fight

Dude. His eye almost exploded. I’ve never experienced pain from a broken orbital bone, but man, I bet it was a lot less painful than an exploding eyeball. I imagine that’s the kind of pain that’s so excruciating it puts you in shock and makes you pass out.

Koscheck talked about more than just his eye. He revealed that he was actually gunning for a middleweight fight with Chris Leben, Wanderlei Silva or Rich Franklin, but the UFC only offered him names that would give him a “payday” and nothing more, so when the opportunity to fight Matt Hughes came about he took it.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

  • warriordave927

    I don’t like koscheck but definitely glad his eyeball didn’t explode, if the pain is as severe as he says he definitely gained a little respect for fitting it out til the end especially seeing as he got punched in that eye like 150 more times during that fight

    • Matt Silliman

      I didn’t use to like Kos either, but I met him at an autograph signing in Vegas, and he was by far the nicest guy their.  Forrest was a dick, Fitch was just there, Melendez was pretty cool, but watching how cool Kos was with the fans changed my opinion of him.  That, plus how many fights he has taken on short notice and most his fights in the last 2 years have been pretty exciting.  I can’t help but believe that he acts different to hype fights and become more marketable.

      • Steve Barry

        “Fitch was just there” lol

      • warriordave927

        That’s cool, its crazy to here that some of the dudes that come off as cool people in interviews and stuff actually end up being dicks,I met Cain velasquez a little while back and he seemed cool but the people that were with him were a holes they were hurrying people up and weren’t letting people take pictures with him even though there was only like 20 people at the autograph signing

  • ass

    i dont see a good end for kos with any of those middle weights he named to fight…

  • Quardy

    I would like to see Leben vs Kosh :)

    • ass

      why, so kos could get killed? thats not nice…

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