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Ed Soares: ‘We’ll Probably End Up Having To Fight Chael Sonnen Twice’

Another interview, another opportunity for Ed Soares to declare Chael Sonnen doesn’t deserve a rematch with Anderson Silva…

From Sherdog:

“Anderson just feels that he doesn’t deserve it yet. He doesn’t deserve it yet. … A lot of people are interested in the fight. It’s a big fight. Anderson’s not ducking him. Anderson, right now, is focused on recouping his shoulder, and basically he’s going through physical therapy on that just to get that back 100 percent.

But you know what? Whoever Dana [White] puts in front of us, for the most part, we’re always going to take the fight. [Anderson has] never dodged any fights. It’s really not up to us to determine. … I’m not saying that’s who we want or who we don’t want. People ask my opinion, and I see what Anderson’s saying. He’s fought him once. He had his opportunity, but hey, if Dana wants to put the fight on again, we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

Unlike past interviews though, Soares actually came around and admitted that Silva vs. Sonnen 2 is a huge fight even though Silva doesn’t think Sonnen is worthy of a rematch.

“There’s a lot of great opportunities, and I do think the Chael fight could potentially sell. It could be a big seller. I think it could be a huge pay-per-view. So I see all angles of it, but I’m just expressing what Anderson has talked to me about. That’s how he feels.”

Soares also conceded that yeah, the fight is probably going to happen regardless of their feelings on it.

“I think eventually, our opinion is that we don’t think Chael should get a shot yet. There’s other guys out there. … I’ve been hearing a bunch of different people. Let someone try that hasn’t fought for the belt yet. Why do we have to keep repeating these fighters? We fought Rich Franklin twice. We’ll probably end up having to fight Chael twice. We’re going to end up fighting probably Dan Henderson twice. It’s just like, it would be nice to see some new faces in there getting a crack at it.”

I know the Silva camp has their pride and all that, but at the end of the day, it’s not like there a ton of other options floating around out there besides rematches against Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson. Soares mentioned GSP, but now he’s tied up with injuries, a pending fight with Carlos Condit and a possible fight with Nick Diaz that could fill up his 2012 schedule. Soares says Michael Bisping might also be an option, but said he never really thought of him before the interviewer brought him up. There’s Mark Munoz but he and Silva have trained together quite a bit so you have to figure they’ll shoot that one down.

Beyond that, what are all these “great opportunities” Soares speaks of?

  • ass

    it really sounds like there ducking chael… they may not be but it sure sounds like it to me, after all there really isnt anyone left; Chael makes the most sense and if he dosent deserve it than who in the middle weight division does???

  • sam_snee

    i say Silva vs Sonnen 2. If Silva wins, he retires. The G.O.A.T. runs for president in Brazil in 2016, or whenever their next election is…

    • c dizzle

      i still would love to see silva vs gsp… but that fight doesnt sound like its going to happen till 2013.

    • Infamous 101

      Actually he can’t retire yet, he still has 4 fights left on his contract that he has signed to fullfil

      • sam_snee

        shut up.

  • Aaron Cesar

    Next election is in 2014. And i think Chael deserves to be ducked, he needs to chill out his head.

  • Mooliani

    chael should have to work his way back hes only beat brian stann looks like it could also be the winner of bisping mayhem

    • ass

      respectfully of course, but i dont think the britt or mayhem could touch silva, i dont even think that there anywere near the same level as him…sure there both great fighters but it takes a real bad dude to hang with (or for that matter beat) the champ and i just dont think the two of them are the man for the job. mabey chael should get the winner of that fight(witch he would easily win in my opinion) that would make it fair to all those chael haters right???

    • sam_snee

      How bout Spitsbing vs Mayhem winner vs Sonnen so that Silva can continue to do impersonations of the Beebs!

  • Matt Silliman

    There is nobody else at 185 besides Sonnen that will pose a threat to Anderson.  It’s going to take a very strong wrestler.  Nobody is going to stand and exchange with Anderson and win at 185.  If he beats Sonnen, he needs to fight Jon Jones, or GSP because who else is there at 185?

  • Sebas404

    I don’t think they’re ducking Sonnen. But ppl just forget that Sonnen cheated and still lost to Silva while Silva was injured…
    Does anyone seriously think Sonnen stands a chance against a healthy Silva (and without the roils to help him up?)

    • ass

      yea man i honestly do think Chael will beat the brakes off Silva, hes gonna go in there and make a mess of the champ, mark my words…

      • Sebastian Morales

        Seriously? To be submitted while being juiced up by a fighter with his broken ribs? and then fight again when Sonnen isn’t using PED and Silva is healthy… Will Sonnen find a way to pull that off?

        I seriously dont think so.

        • sam_snee

          I’m with you guys, but still its a scary thought if Sonnen does win. Jeez, i might never watch mma again if Silva is the new king. He’s a douche-rocket the size of a football field.

          • ass

            keep on talkin guys, when this thing happens, im gonna say i told you so :)

  • Dana

    Amazing achievement for Soares to compare Sonnen’s fight to Rich Franklin’s.  Franklin got murdered.   Sonnen was a brain fart away from one of the most lobsided beatdowns ever by a challenger.  

    • sam_snee


  • Chris Russo

    If Anderson Silva doesn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen, then who does he want to fight? Talk about what you want instead of what you don’t want!

    • sam_snee


    • ass

      no doubt

  • Manolocastillo71

    I think Silva is a great fighter, but I hate it when his camp makes chicken comments like this. Lesnar is a sub par fighter IMO but he goes and fights whoever they put in front of him. faces Mir and beats him, gets sick, comes back faces Carwin and Cain, getting really hurt in both bouts and losing his title, signs to fight Dos Santos WTF!…gets sick again and has several inches of intestines removed, everybody says he is afraid, now guess what? he is going to face Overeem……that, my friends deserves respect. Silva knows that Sonnen is no joke with or without elevated testosterone, and he does not sound confident….I say if he thinks he is that great a champion, fight that loud mouth, shut him up with a highlight reel KO and move on to become immortal. If he gets beat….what is the problem? he can make it a trilogy and then retire. Fighters should not behave like pussies. he could learn a thing or two from Lesnar, who will probably get beaten to a pulp by the Reem, but nonetheless signed to fight him.

    • Chrisltkka

      Great point on Lesner, never looked at him that way. That does deserve respect. I think Sonnen should fight at least one more top contender before a title shot, maybe Belfort if Vitor wins his next fight?

    • sam_snee

      Sure Lesnar deserves respect, but what does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

      • ass


    • ass

      well said sir, well said

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