Chael Sonnen Accepts Anderson Silva’s Challenge To Fight Him In Brazil

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Anderson Silva didn’t accept Chael Sonnen’s challenge, but Chael Sonnen has accepted his.

Last week, Anderson Silva told MMA Nation that he would give Chael Sonnen his rematch if he went down to Brazil to get it. Well, as you can see from his tweet above, Sonnen has agreed.

Of course, this is all talk until the bout agreements are signed, but all signs are pointing to Silva vs. Sonnen 2 going down in Brazil. Or more specifically San Paulo. When asked about unconfirmed reports claiming Silva will fight in San Paulo in June at the UFC 139 post-fight press conference, Dana White all but confirmed that that’s the plan.

“How’s this stuff get out?” he said, before changing gears and trying to play it coy, yet gleefully unsubtle. “I don’t know if we’re going to Sao Paulo in June, and if Anderson Silva’s headlining the card. No clue. That would be awesome, though.”

Yes it would. Silva vs. Sonnen 2 in Brazil would definitely be awesome.

  • Mr Kitty

    I hope there is a hell of a lot of security for Sonnen.

  • Ed Lib

    Sonnen also said he will be wearing Palmeiras shirt. Palmeiras is the biggest rival soccer team for Corinthians, endorsed by Anderson.

    Also, UFC Brazil website (  or has already opened the enlistment for TUF season in Brazil. For feather and middleweights. I heard that would be for Silva x Belfort II, unless they could manage for someone that doesn’t speak portuguese to coach that.

    • The Jester

      The last person in the world who deseves/ is going to get a rematch with Silva is Vitor Belfort.

      • Ed Lib

        I agree… Vitor has at least a couple more fight to get another title shot… there’s Chael and Munoz before him..

    • The Jester

      The last person in the world who deseves/ is going to get a rematch with Silva is Vitor Belfort.

  • warriordave927

    Wow I didn’t think chael would ever want to take that fight in brazil,imagine if sonnen beat Anderson in brazil,people would riot after that

    • The Jester

      Yea… I truly think there would be nothing to worry about… Unless Chael wins… Which is likely…

      • c dizzle

        lol if chael wins he’s just going to give up the belt to the next challenger with high level jiu jitsu… chael sonnen wont win.

    • ass

      that would be awesome!

  • Aalvarez10460

    Can you imagine if the fight is a close one and it goes to the judges and they give the decision to Sonnen. Sonnen’s got balls taking that fight in Brazil.

  • i like sexy time

    junes to far it should be sooner

  • 928diego

    sonnen will beat him in brazil

    • ass

      with any luck  im thinkin your right…

    • ass

      with any luck  im thinkin your right…

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