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MP5-Wielding Police Officers Detain Sean Sherk In The UK

It hasn’t been a good week for American fighters in foreign countries.

First, Junie Browning managed to become the target of the Phucket police or the Thai mafia (we’re not really sure which). Then, charges were brought against Brock Lesnar in Alberta, Canada for a trio of hunting violations. And now comes word from Fighters Only Magazine that Sean Sherk was mistakenly detained by “carloads” of MP5-wielding police officers in the UK.

As he was being ferried into the area, the car he was travelling in was stopped by a roadblock and armed police swooped on the vehicle. Police had the vehicle on their database as being linked to a local man who they believe to be a key gangland figure.

Sherk thought the car was being subjected to a routine stop until it turned out to involve several carloads of police officers carrying automatic weapons, including Hechler and Koch MP5 machine guns – the UK police do not normally carry guns.

Having remained sat in his passenger seat because he had not understood an instruction to exit the vehicle, Sherk was dragged out by tense officers. They cuffed his hands behind his back and pulled him away where he was none too gently searched before being dumped on the floor.

Fortunately for Sherk, the ordeal ended there when the police failed to find any weapons in the vehicle. He was released and sent on his merry way.

Speaking of Sherk, it’s actually been quite awhile since we’ve seen him in the Octagon. He decided to take some time off to nurse some nagging injuries after he defeated Evan Dunham last year at UFC 119. He recently told MMA HQ that he plans to return to action next year, get a couple wins and hopefully make another run at the lightweight title.

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  • Aaron_johnson425

    Sounds like somebody needs to choose his friends more carefully. This car definitely wasn’t pulled over by accident or as a mistaken traffic stop. They were obviously targeting it.

    • Lanfear

      Probably full of illegal drugs

      • Aaron_johnson425

        We don’t know for sure. But what we do know is that there’s more to this story than “poor Sherk being mistakenly detained”. Swat teams don’t set up roadblocks and interdict vehicles with submachine guns just because they got bored.

        I got pulled over once because the detectives were searching for a car the same make and model as mine. They asked for my license and registration, ran my tags, and sent me on my way. There were no handcuffs or automatic weapons involved hahahaha.

        • Steve Barry

          The story says: “Police had the vehicle on their database as being linked to a local man who they believe to be a key gangland figure.” 

          That’s your answer.

  • Matt Silliman

    It’s possible, in a crazy scheme to turn a profit, that the car manufacture made more than one of the car he was riding in. It’s possible that someone in a similar committed a crime and he was a victim of circumstance.

    Not sure about the legal actions in the UK, but in America if you treat someone like that and they are innocent, you can bet there would be a lawsuit and some cops getting fired.

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