Jens Pulver Was Knocked Out Cold Last Night In Nebraska

Jim should definitely add Jens Pulver to that must-retire list too. Pulver was knocked out cold by a knee to the face from Tim Elliot at a RFA show in Nebraska last night. Sadly, Pulver should have retired awhile ago, but never did.


  • warriordave927

    Man that’s sad,I know he had some success in his last couple of fights but 3-7 in his last 10 come on dude just stop making your family and fans suffer everytime you get in a cage

  • Aaron_johnson425

    Under the Don Frye post, I added my own suggestions for the “must retire” list. Jens Pulver was one of them. What timely and prophetic commentary by me.

    But seriously. He finally wins against a few amateurs with losing records and everybody starts talking about how Jens Pulver is back. Then he gets wrecked like this. I respect his warrior spirit, but question his good sense and capacity to reason.

    For some strange reason the fans love Jens Pulver. I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s some bizarre cult of personality thing. Maybe people just love the scrappy underdog who won’t quit. But one thing is certain, the fans who keep cheering him on are going to get this guy either permanently injured or killed. Stop encouraging this guy. For the sake of humanity.

  • Jacob Berezansky

    This is a real bummer; I’ve always liked Jens, but dude it’s time to go.

  • sandman

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Steve. The guy should’ve been done a long time ago. Tough to let go of some things….

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