Manager: Antonio Silva Will ‘Almost Certainly’ Make UFC Debut In April, Cain Velasquez On The ‘List’

Not that it will surprise anyone, but it looks like Antonio Silva is indeed headed to the UFC.

Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, was quoted in a report from Brazilian website PVT (via CP) saying that Silva will “almost certainly” make his UFC debut in April and while his opponent is still undetermined, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is on the “list.” The Google translation:

Wanted by the PVT, Alex Davis, manager of Bigfoot, just confirmed the date but not the opponent: “We are almost certain to Bigfoot’s debut in April, but we can not confirm the opponent. Cain Velasquez is only in the list. Fight with Bigfoot whoever comes. You can put Overeem, Lesnar, Velasquez, who is. It just does not fight against Minotauro and Gypsy.”

The quote was actually made in response to a column Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira wrote in a Rio newspaper claiming Silva would make his debut against Cain Velasquez. It would be a good fight, but if Silva’s manager is to be believed, it’s only a match-up that’s being discussed, not one that’s actually set.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime

  • i like sexy time

    Very nice i like! Sexy fight

  • c dizzle

    IIs he saying he wouldn’t fight cigano or minitaro? I don’t understand that. What’s the point of coming to the ufc if u have no intention of fighting for the belt? Chael was willing to fight Stann with no issue. These guys need to grow the eff up and fight whoevers in their bracket.

  • Davinci_xulo_vk

    tonto because silva training with them , so chael sonen training with stann? nooo! just friends and silva and minotauro, cigano are like brothers cuz training togheter. pendejo

    • c dizzle

      Lol idk who to reply to, you, or the dumber version of you. First off that was the first example I could think of. Gsp was more than willing to fight condit. My point is is that the heavyweight bench is pretty thin right now, I doubt he’ll even make it to a title shot but if he did he wouldn’t take it? Como ce dice, puto? tu sabes joto?

  • muay thai

    tonto because silva is training with them, and sonnen not training with stann, so managers silva said that cuz silva and nogueira, cigano ar like brothers because training togheter pendejoo

  • warriordave927

    Idk about silva getting such a high ranked opponent coming off of a loss but Cain does need a tune up fight coming off of another layoff,if this does happen I see it going much like silvas fight with Daniel cormier

    • Matt Silliman

      I 100% agree, silva doesn’t deserve a fight with Cain. I think a fight with mitrione, Shaub, Carwin or Rothwell is a better idea and more likely.

      Cain will probably fight Mir next because Mir is on atleast some what of a win streak and is a top heavyweight.

      • i like sexy time

        Yes your both right but its still a sexual match up

  • Giggidy

    Ass woopin. this aint even gonna b funny how bad valsqueers beats him

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