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Eddie Alvarez Not Making A Lightweight Title Run In Bellator’s Season Six

Michael Chandler threw Bellator a bit of a curveball late last year when he unexpectedly took out their golden boy Eddie Alvarez in a thrilling lightweight title fight at Bellator 58.

In any other organization, Alvarez would probably only need one or two wins to earn a shot at redemption, but that’s not how Bellator operates. CEO Bjorn Rebney has stated time and time again that the only way to earn a title shot in Bellator is to win one of their tournaments which entails three victories over the span of a 12-week season.

The opportunity was there for Alvarez to take that path as the final participant in Bellator’s upcoming season-six lightweight tournament, however as Rebney recently told MMA Junkie, they decided to go in a different direction and pursue a rematch with Shinya Aoki like they planned before the Chandler loss.

“Ed won’t be part of the next tournament during the March kickoff,” Rebney said. “The decision was reached between us that the next right step wouldn’t be to jump back in the season-tournament right now.”

“We’re still talking very regularly about the Aoki fight,” he said. “We’ve been talking to DREAM about making it happen, so it could still happen as his next fight.”

It’s certainly a unique position Eddie Alvarez finds himself in. I’m not sure how many fights Alvarez has left on his Bellator contract, but if he has any inkling to fight in the UFC, it seems like now would be the time to do whatever it is he has to do to fulfill his Bellator contract and make that happen. Otherwise, if he were to enter another Bellator tournament, say in season seven, and wins the fights he needs to reclaim the belt, then he’s just going to find himself in the same position he was in before — defending a secondary title against unknown fighters looking to make a name off his back. If I was him, I would want to write a new chapter in my career, not rehash the same one.

Image via Bellator

  • Chickendick

    agreed i just hate when great talent set low standards for them selfs

  • warriordave927

    i read an article some time back where eddy said he has aspirations to fight in the ufc in the future but he was getting paid good money and wanted to keep saving money for his future since he knows that a mixed martial artists career is never certain,to me it seemed maybe a little lack of either motivation or confidence in not being sure he would attain the stardom in the ufc and command the same amounts of income,hopefully he decides its time because he might regret not testing himself in his future if he doesnt make the jump,and ofcourse we all wanna see him fighting the best in his weight class

    • Matt Silliman

      I agree, lack of desire to fight in the UFC right now and talks of making good money in Bellator only tell me one thing, he is afraid to lose in the UFC and he doesn’t want to take the chance. He looks like a good fighter but how good would Edgar or Ben Henderson or Jim miller look if they fought guys you haven’t heard of with 5-2 records?

      I think Alvarez is good but i think he realizes he’s a big fish in a small pond right now and he would just be a fish in the UFC pond if he moved. If he really thinks he is “the best” why doesnt he fight the best? If its about money, does he really think bellator will pay him more than the UFC?

      • warriordave927

        I was trying to find disclosed salaries for bellator and specifically alvarez but all I found was a coiled of discussions saying alvarez had made 70k on one of his wins,if you check out most ufc non champion fighters there’s not many that get paid that much unless they’re like top 10 in theirr division which Eddie could easily be,but I guess being the biggest name fighter in bellator was good enough up til now

        • Steve Barry

          Thought he was making somewhere in the 100’s per fight, but I could be wrong. He has the potential to make more in the UFC, but Bellator is easier money.

          • Matt Silliman

            Ya, I read some where that he was making in the 100s per fight. But if Dana could get him that would hurt Bellator badly, so I”m sure paying Alverez more money would not be a problem. 

            I understand Alverez taking the easy money and the easy route, but I think that should reflect in his MMA ranking.

          • warriordave927

            Yeah he probably is making 100k per fight I just couldnt find anything on Google except for one that said 70k

  • Tommyxtuffnuts

    zuffa should bring him to strikeforce to possibly challenge gilbert melendez since hes not going to follow suit and jump into the ufc

  • Tommyxtuffnuts

    zuffa should bring him to strikeforce to possibly challenge gilbert melendez since hes not going to follow suit and jump into the ufc

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